Think like a Villain, Act Like a Hero



“Behold I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore, be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”


                        Matthew 10:16


Welcome to backward Earth. Here, right is wrong and wrong is normal. The dirt beneath our feet is honored, while the heavens above are walked over. God is viewed as an iron-fisted, out of touch tyrant and the Devil is a misunderstood person who just wants a chance to redeem himself. In this world, those who do right and try to show kindness are often treated with mistrust, doubt, and sometimes even hate. Those who promote themselves and step on others to get to the top are model citizens.  What’s wrong with this picture? I wish I could say this is a parallel world from some science fiction movie, but it is the here and now on planet Earth.

Think about it.

In a backwards world how do Christians function?  We are hated for loving others. Our efforts to show Jesus get us thrown into turmoil at every turn. Christians have answers to other people’s problems, but our ideas don’t fit in with how ‘normal people’ think or act. Believers in Jesus are often shunned by family and friends for not embracing or tolerating others. We feel alone against a world that doesn’t want us here anyway.

Think about it.

Backwards world

Doesn’t this sound a lot like how villains are treated? So, maybe that is how we should be thinking when it comes to navigating through this septic world? We do what is right even though people don’t get us. We might have to stand alone when everyone else hides away.

Are we willing to hold on to what you believe is right, even when this world’s ‘heroes’, seem to have won? Can we die for something like this? Can we see defeat as just a set back? How about having back up plans for seemingly mad ideas? Can we think outside the box to see our goals come to fruition, or will we tuck tail and run when it gets hard? Are we patient? Are we innovative? How many villains know how their nemesis thinks, feels, and functions to better overcome their short-sighted plans? Villains see beyond the comfortable and predictability of the now. They see a world that others haven’t conceived of yet. That is often the fire that keeps them burning when all other lights go out.

Think about it.

If we truly believe that we are the heroes this world needs (because we follow the only true hero of this world) shouldn’t we except our roles as this backward world’s villains? My friends, Jesus said this would happen if we followed Him and stood for the truth. This wasn’t a shocker to Jesus. He predicted it because he knew that sinful minded- men would turn everything ass-backwards in the end. I challenge you to be the hero you need to be in the Lord’s eyes and take to thinking with a bit more craftiness like the little villain you are.

Sheep Among Wolves

Really, think about it.


About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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One Response to Think like a Villain, Act Like a Hero

  1. Scott Bales says:

    Nice job, a very accurate portrayal of the world we live in.

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