Internal, External, Eternal




By G. P. Avants

“You have made known to me the ways of life; You will make me full of joy in Your presence.”

                                                            Acts 2:28

I think one of the topics that many people wonder about God is how does the whole Trinity work? How is God three in one: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?


I have heard the Trinity compared to all sorts of everyday things like and egg with shell, white, and yoke.

Or like how a man can have different roles of father, son, and husband, yet still be the same person. I had an idea that sort of goes with the fact that God fills everything.  Okay, just be a little open-minded and I will try and be concise.


Let’s start in the center of all things. Think of the Holy Spirit as the internal way God reveals himself. He is the one that holds all things together much. I think about the design of cells, atoms and the endless depths inside all things. Just as the universe is endless on a macro-universe, the depth of God never ends in the micro-verse . The spiritual realm is something we can’t see, but it is where our real self lives. That is where all men are connected when their dead spirits are set aflame by the Holy Spirit of God.


The realm of the physical is the world and the universe we are all most familiar with. It is touchable, moveable, measurable, and comfortable to the human being experience. Why would God not be able to find a way to walk side-by-side with the most special part of his entire physical creation?  This is the external life that God and man can build a relationship. Since this is such an important place where time and eternity intertwine. Jesus, whose name means, “God with us, ” says it all.  With all the trouble our fallen nature has gotten us into, being able to see God with our own eyes gives us the strength we need to really live life.


There is a realm of the mind, the soul, thought, and imagination. This surrounds us and is larger than any of us can understand.

You could say to understand God in this dimension you are actually peering into the vastness of Eternity. They say that the universe and all that it holds knows no end. And it is still expanding! From the mind of God all that we know, or yet to know were spoken into existence. That’s just wild! God is the Father who knows all, cares for His entire creation, and maintains everything in perfect precision and order.


So, when you wonder who God is and how He is able to be everywhere at the same time, consider this idea. You can look at your own life and in great wonder see how God made you on His image. You have a spirit that connects in that dimension with God’s Holy Spirit. You have a body that allows you to know Him as the Son. A close companion who walks with you on the physical realm. Do you have an imagination, creativity or are a thinker or problem-solver? You can connect with the wonderful mind of God and understand concepts that stretch beyond this life. Knowing God is everywhere either is a comfort or horror. I guess it’s all in how you see Him.


About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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