613 or 316? 



“For you ignore God’s specific orders and substitute your own traditions.”


                                                      Mark 7:8


People tend to complicate, overthink, and confuse. God tends to simplify. Think about it. He made a perfect garden, with two perfect people, in a perfect paradise. You know the story, right? Adam and Eve complicated things by listening to bad advice by someone more messed up than they were. From that point forward we have watched how fallen men and women have made a knotted mess of a life that was not meant to be so messed up at all.


Remember how many commandments the Lord gave to Moses and the Israelites? If you said only 10, you nailed it. It simply told men and women that God has a perfect life for those who put their faith in Him. However, when men got a hold of this law they began to add specific man-made details add-ons. As of today, the Jewish Levitical law has 613 rules that are made to assist people to live a Godly life. Wow! Talk about raising the bar. What chance do sinful men have to live a life that a holy God would approve?


Then the Lord stepped in and brought sanity to a man-inflicted mess. He flipped that complicated number, and the world with a simpler number from 613 to the sequence:316. More specifically John 3:16.


“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”


Man has the simple and most powerful answer to life in that one verse. If you only understood two things about life, Jesus and grace, you found all you need. Why do we need to complicate things more than that?


Knowing everything about religion, rules, and semantics don’t compete to knowing the personally and the person of Jesus Christ. He will give you what you need the moment you need it. Don’t try to overthink and be overwhelmed by so many details. Have you ever heard of the an acrostic K.I.S.S.?

How is it that a mighty God made and maintains an infinite universe and endless micro verse just fine while simple humans knot things up? Earth-bound humans work so much better when they adopt a Heavenly-free mindset instead.

Trust the Almighty’s simple plan for your life and you won’t ever go wrong. Who wins?

You decide.


About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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5 Responses to 613 or 316? 

  1. I appreciate what you did with the Biblical verses here. I’ve never thought of the two passages paired in that way. I’ve often felt God keeps the rules very simple – love everyone and share your stuff. It’s US who make everything so darn complicated. Thanks for this reflection. I’ll be praying on simplicity tonight with this in mind.

  2. Ahava Elle says:

    The fact that God simplifies things so beautifully really calls out to the child like faith we are told to have, really needed the perspective on this topic today!! Thanks so much!!

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