These Boots Were Made for Walking



“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.”


                                                              Romans 10:15


In Memory of Officer Lesley Zerebny


We walked on a dirt path to Lesley’s memorial. It was about 8:30AM and the desert in October was stirring. I saw tracks of a coyote that had passed here in the night. As our feet left behind evidence that we were here, I thought about Lesley’s boots that everyone always talked about. She walked this earth, left her trail, and gave us all an example of a life well-lived even in her death.

I sat beside Laura and Autumn, among friends and family who loved this special young woman. A lot of moving stories were shared about how Lesley’s life impacted others.

People said she was a wonderful brand of wild and crazy. Nothing compared to her laugh, or her infectious smile; tough as nails and soft as sunshine. Lesley’s toughness put her in the field as a natural born police officer.

Her softness came out to those closest to her especially when daughter Cora was in her arms. She beamed with that happy pride in both roles that countered the selfish pride of the world.

What stood out to me were Lesley’s boots. Everyone commented that her footwear was very much a part of her determined demeanor.  No matter where the Lord asked her to move she laced up without question and followed that call. Lesley lived out her faith wherever her feet took her. Next to her boots her bare feet were her second favorite pair of shoes. In that pair of soles Lesley was comfortable dancing. That was her way to celebrate whatever event she was a part of.


If Lesley was here she would tromp right up to you and give you advice for the road of life. She might tell up to keep walking into even into danger. Plant your feet when life tries to knock you down. If it does you are already on your knees . Why not pray for your enemies? Kneel to the One greater than you, and ask for His strength, not your own. Always gear up and wear your boots with pride. Be alert. Inform others of the truth. Wear your badge of honor right down to end of your path…or watch.


Lesley left her footprints on this world and our hearts. The fire the Lord put in her melted the hearts of callous people. Watch and see what God can do with one life committed to Him. She passed into the lives of people who walked before her, alongside those she called friends and family, and left the soul of her boot prints for this like her daughter Cora who will follow after.


When you walk into your place of service remember what your walking brings into a dark world. Your feet will bring hope to people who need to know they aren’t alone. Your path goes beyond the edges of the world. You too will leave your boots behind but your bare feet will tread new ground. You can dance again knowing that you completed the job you began.




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