You’re the Right Man for the Job


“Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

                                           Luke 6:31            


Have you ever wondered if you are right where you were meant to be?

Or how about if our life really makes a difference in a world that darkens each day the sun rises?


I am sitting at a funeral for a fallen officer. He was one man who chose to put on a policeman’s uniform, even in the challenging times we have found ourselves entering. I am listening to his nephew sharing about this amazing man’s life and what impact one man made.

Officer Gil Vega was a man who was an ordinary quiet man. His actions truly spoke volumes. When Gil spoke up you knew it was a golden nugget you’d want to hold on to.

He set the bar for other officers. Gil didn’t wait for others to move and change the country, but to he did what needed to be done. Gil wanted to leave behind a world he felt others would want to live within. In his opinion one life can set off an avalanche that can shake us from our stagnant waters.

His life spoke volumes. If Gil was standing here we would share these nuggets of truth:


“Remember that these officers are real people behind the badge.”


“You don’t have to be the best person, just the right person at the right time.”


“Treat people as people with all respect. Wear the suit with pride and protect the family.”


“Wait for God’s timing to catch the criminals and set things right.”



Gil’s life and death had a perfect timing to stop something bigger and help more people. This officer left behind a vacancy that no one will ever fill. Yet, that hole is big enough to be filled by more of more of Jesus. That is this one officer found his purpose at the end of his watch.



About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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