Love’s Darker Side 



You know that person in your life that is so kind and gentle that you would never expect them to get angry? When you see them angry it seems out of character for them. I think it’s easy to forget that people aren’t one-dimensional cutout figures. We have layers.

Why do we treat the goodness of God that way? We say He is loving, compassionate, and kind. It is God’s will that all people would be saved.  He gave Jesus to save every person who comes to Him.There is no greater expression of love then laying down your life.


Then, we read about God being angry, bringing judgement, and disaster on entire nations. His wrath is like a fire poured out on even His own people, the ones He claims to love.  How can this be the same God? Did God change his mind or take back those promise He made? The fact is, God is love. That is the most powerful thing there is. Everything that exists was built upon that fiery passion.


However, love knew that the enemy of the soul was sin. It was like a slithering cancer that poisoned everything it touched.It is so evil that it withers nature, turned animals wild or fearful, corrodes anything it touches and worst if all it eternally separates God’s most precious thing on His Creation, men and women.


God hates sin. To see love hate is to see it’s darker side. Did we push Him into showing his darker nature? That’s crazy, but God is perfect. How could He have hate, jealously, and cold finality to His words?  Since He is perfect then all of this attributes we struggle with aren’t an issue for Him. God can handle them because, well he is the originator of all attributes. If he acts in Godly jealousy, then he does it the way it is meant to be used.


The truth is God’s  anger is directed not at the objects of his love, but to cleanse them of the sin they are tainted with. It makes more sense when we step away from the situation. Think about a doctor aggressively attacking raising a razor-edged instrument to kill a hidden cancer inside. He knows how destroy in order to save the soul of a suffering person. Yes, you can take the pain personally until you see that momentary suffering has a healthier life as the end result.

The Bible

If you are angry with God and see Him just as furious in return, take a step back. Consider the situation you are in and what good He is bringing from it. One hundred percent of mankind is infected with a sinful nature. We all feel the affects of sin and how it twists our perspective of right and wrong. Remember His character and motives are always pure, never twisted or fickle. Those dark clouds hanging overhead have  rain that your dry soul very well is thirsting for.



About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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