Can I Give you a Leg up! 

  Did you know that your immune system is really found in your legs? Staying active and keeping your legs moving can help to boost your immune system. I run, bike, and hike, but nothing crazy, just to get outside and keep things moving. I have been fairly active most of my life, however I hit 50ish and things changed. I am a technology teacher and … Continue reading Can I Give you a Leg up! 

Creation vs. Invention 

“Everything that God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected.” I Timothy 4:4 I love to watch shows about inventions and contraptions. It’s really pretty amazing to see where a lot of our modern conveniences got their start. Did you know that the first microwave was around in the 50’s? That’s right but, it was still experimental and pretty bulky for commercial use. … Continue reading Creation vs. Invention 


         “He has made everything   beautiful in its time.” Ecclesiastes  3:11   I love learning other languages. I don’t have the time to be immersed into a culture or take a class, I just nibble as it were. I pick up words that sound interesting or have some significant meaning to them. Such is the title of this story. “Arumtumta” (arum-tum-taa) is … Continue reading Arumtumta

Trifecta Vs. Trifecta

The Human Race. We are all participating in this long distance race. It’s not a jog, or a sprint, it’s more accurately a grueling marathon. We all have to start it and finish it, no matter shape we are in. The question is, how do you run this race and what is your secret to finishing well? There are two sides that are watching your … Continue reading Trifecta Vs. Trifecta