Trifecta Vs. Trifecta

Boston Marathon

The Human Race. We are all participating in this long distance race. It’s not a jog, or a sprint, it’s more accurately a grueling marathon. We all have to start it and finish it, no matter shape we are in. The question is, how do you run this race and what is your secret to finishing well?

A woman resting during her run in the hills behind her neighborhood.

There are two sides that are watching your progress. That’s right. It as if were two trifectas, trios, or trinities, if you will,betting on your race. Both sides train their runners to take on the course and give it all they’ve got.

Exhausted marathon runners,

Sadly, most runners listen to world’s trifecta. This trifecta group is the flesh, the world’s system, and the Devil. In actuality we are born into this team from the get go. This organization tells you to think of only yourself and don’t care about anyone else. As you run, step on others, elbow them out of the way, take whatever substance you need for endurance, be cut throat, and win at all costs. They tell their runners that it all depends their efforts them and they have to fight to get the few prizes at the end of the race.

Kenyan runners resume training after post election violence

The other trifecta offers training to not only run well throughout this marathon, but gives a purpose for a lifetime of running. This team knows the course well with all its joys, obstacles, and challenges along the way. The fact is this Father, Son, and Spirit team set this Human Race in motion. The Father guards and provides all of the runners needs. The Son has run this course before and is the best trainer anyone could ask for. The Spirit provides the umph and endurance from the inside out. This trifecta is united, has the runners best in mind, and has successfully helped each “life-alete” finish their race well. You could say their track record for track runners is always on track.


Needless to say these two trifectas have been at odds for ages. One has an agenda for your life, the other has a greater purpose. The masses that run wearing the world’s Jersey often harass those wearing the Trinity’s shirt for switching sides. The race is tough enough without having indifferent and even hostile runners right alongside you( sadly it can be a friend of family member). Just remember that if you do chose theTrinity team you have a greater strength and help than you can do alone. Truth be known, when you run with the wild throng of the world you are really on your own.


So, my fellow runner, chose your team wisely. What side you run with with make or break your race.


Life is tough. We need all the help we can get. I pray you run hard, give it all you, got, and finish well. If I don’t see you on the course, I hope to see you on the winner’s circle on the other side.



About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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