“He has made everything   beautiful in its time.”

Ecclesiastes  3:11


I love learning other languages. I don’t have the time to be immersed into a culture or take a class, I just nibble as it were. I pick up words that sound interesting or have some significant meaning to them. Such is the title of this story.

“Arumtumta” (arum-tum-taa) is the Korean word for beautiful. I lived there for a year and in that time I heard many Korean girls with that name or a variation on that name.  It conjures up a hopeful wish that a mother and father will raise a beautiful daughter.

It’s funny how beauty really changes as you get older. Hopefully as the outer beauty fades the inner beauty, the real person, shines out. Real beauty is  characterized by the touch of Christ in a person’s life. He alone can see past the outer skin into the real person within. I am married to a woman who models this idea.  I swear, my wife is getting more beautiful as she ages.

Butterfly in the hand

Some of us who think we aren’t winning beauties on the outside can be truly glorious if we surrender who we are to the Creator. I have seen older women who because of their character have substance to their life. They have given themselves to Jesus who has made them a garden of His love. Like a garden full of awesome wonders, they never stop showing their real beauty as they age. As you get to know them you can’t help but see His image shining through.

Trust me guys, If you pick a woman solely on looks, you’re just asking for trouble. There has to be substance, character, drive, and  real faith within your future mate or your marriage won’t last.

Look at Hollywood marriages for example. What makes the difference between those that last and don’t? They have to have something more than a pretty face or sex or whatever. When the test of a relationship comes, the surface things,  “ain’t going to cut the mustard”, if you know what I mean.

Ladies, you know it’s a two-way street. Guys who are men of substance love Jesus. A great bumper sticker out there reads, “Real men love Jesus.”  They got that right. Being a surface-kind-of-nice, with well-coiffed hair means nothing if you treat a woman contrary to how Jesus would.



I have been blessed with a daughter. She’s beautiful, my Arumtumta. Her momma (who is definitely a woman of Godly character) and I have prayed that the Lord would help us to raise her to see the value of being beautiful within as well as without. I don’t want her obsessing about her looks or base her image on surface things. God made her full of so many wonderful things and they will all become beautiful in His time for her.





4 thoughts on “Arumtumta

  1. What a beautiful post (no pun intended – that was just the first word that came to mind as I finished reading this). We are so often misled by culture, in what we seek in others as well as what we offer of (or see value in) ourselves. It is so, so, sooo important that we remember exactly what you’re talking about here. Wonderfully put Gary, thank you.

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