There’s Never a Wrong Time to Write Part 1 



By G.P. Avants


Do you get ideas that pop into your head at the most inconvenient times? I mean, ideas for stories or blogs? We don’t always have a computer handy when we are riding a bike, or waiting for our kids to finish dance. As I write this now, we are driving a four or more-hour trip to Vegas for my daughter’s dance competition.


If you have the ability to write and communicate then I encourage you to find the time, no, make the time the pen those thoughts before they vaporize. If use a journal always keep it with you. If you have a phone, use the notes one your phone or get an email app. Keep your laptop charged and keep it with you wherever you go.

Is TV your outlet? Mine, too, and movies. I use to waste hours and couldn’t make time to write. Here are some things that helped me find time to write. My brain wouldn’t shut off at night after my favorite show. That’s because I heard TV stimulates the mind.

So, I began to watch TV during the day and read books at night. That gave my brain time to digest those shows, and reading actually relaxes the brain.


Reading gives you ideas and shows you how to write. It is like teaching the writing part of yourself how to get the nuts and bolts you need to construct new ideas.

Music opens up ideas as well. I have a number of stations on Pandora that stimulates my imagination like nothing else can. “Epic Sound Tracks” is one station that has such a wide variety of music that somehow paints with colors and depths of characters in places I may never see in real life.

Okay, so I did mention my daughter’s dance competition as all the musical pieces, right? Believe it or not watching those dancers and the renditions of popular songs also break open streams of thought into my dancing fingers.

Okay how about this. They say that physical exercise helps the mind to relax. When I run or especially when I road bike, my brain changes. I can get all sorts of ideas for blog posts, deeper details for characters in my book. As I my body is moving it gives my mind an opportunity to actually write in my head or organize ideas systematically. Crazy how that works: the more the body works, the brain’s endorphins and stimulators kick in.


The thing is if you have the knack for writing use it. Don’t let that talent go undeveloped. God has given you a voice that is unique and will reach a specific audience. Tune in next week when we will talk about how writing changes you and the people you’re meant to communicate to.


About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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6 Responses to There’s Never a Wrong Time to Write Part 1 

  1. Great post and a great reminder for someone who is, honestly, hitting a good stride but becoming tired.

  2. This was a really inspiring post! Honestly, I think I’m going to go do some writing in the quiet of the evening now. I had planned to watch a movie (and I may still do that later) but you’ve inspired me and got me excited to go do a little writing. Thank you!

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