There is Never Wrong Time to Write Part 2  



Writers do need time of solitary time to write. As a social person that part is tough. I give myself an hour a day during the week, a couple hours on Saturday, and take a break on Sunday. Sometimes, no, all the time, it can be tough to sit alone, when my family is laughing and playing without me. (As I am writing this post my new puppy, Skylar is sitting with her head cocked to one side, blue rubber ball in her mouth, waiting to get my attention.) The words need time to form and so do the people in my life.


Maybe I am the odd ball here. I assume that when you think of a writer you think they are introverts. They love their solitary time. Maybe there are other extraverts like me, who struggle with time away from people. Either way, we have to make time for both people time and alone time. I guess there is balance here, too. No matter what kind of writer you making time with people is essential for two reasons.


One, because people give you ideas for writing. You get the best stories, ideas for character names, and great descriptors from spending time with real people. You can create a character in your mind, but without a dose of reality or realia, they can be  flat and empty. Put real stories, facts, and emotions, and you have very believable characters meeting you on the page.


The second and most important reason, is people are the reason why we right. Our writings are there to reach people and encourage them, not the other way around. Our goal is not to ignore people to find time to write, but rather to use our writing time as a door to spend time with people either face-to-face, or plant a seed for them to be reached and have a relationship with God. One of my goals as a writer is to talk to my readers and encourage them right where they are.


I hope this helps. You also have people like me who will push you on to write. Let me or someone you know keep you accountable to write. If God has put this passion on your heart, you need to follow through. Make the time, read, use your time wisely, put yourself in places that stimulate your ideas. Get someone to keep you on track. Write on, brother or sister, we are rooting for you.



About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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3 Responses to There is Never Wrong Time to Write Part 2  

  1. Enjoyed reading these two posts about writing. I’ll bet you’re very much a reader too. Why? Well, I really liked the way that you broke your post up into paragraphs separated by photos. I know it’s not always possible to do that. It works well here. I’ve heard that one of the marks of a good writer is that they consider the needs of the reader. Breaking the writing up into meaningful “bites” (the text) with time in between to “chew” (the pictures) works great here. Anyway, just wanted to say “thanks” for good ideas in a format that works for my brain!

    • gpavants says:

      Thank you. Yes, love to read. You also want readers to read more so I try to give bites. It’s hard because I often want to say more like other bloggers. Yet, maybe you might get more readers with smaller posts. Everyone has their style. Happy blogging.

  2. As a fellow extrovert, this was a really interesting perspective. I hadn’t ever quiet thought of things in these terms before but it makes sense. I appreciate reflection I’ll be doing with this.,,and the support in writing! Like your last post, this makes me excited to go write.

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