Can I Try That?

I am dancing

“But being examples to the flock.”

                          1 Peter 5: 3

I love to see people of different races doing something together. To me this is cool stuff. Here’s an example. A young American girl befriends an Indian girl. She sees her friend do a traditional dance from her country. Her American counterpart is entranced. She asks her friend, “Can I try that. Will you teach me?” Her friend to teach her the dance. After some practice, both girls perform the dance for their families. Two different cultures share an experience and both are richer for it.

Japanese dancing

For me that’s a taste of Heaven when people learn from each other’s unique cultures. I can see people sharing things that they have learned from others. I can see those who have missed out in this life getting to enjoy things that some of us have been used to doing.  Have you heard of Asian Fusion? How about how the Vikings use to visit countries and assimilate new things into their culture? It doesn’t have to be fear to learn about other cultures.

M Culture

Yes, there are many who want to keep separate cultures apart from others. We see that in some ways with the new influence of the Middle Eastern countries into the American culture. As Americans we want to hold our values, heritage and cultures intact while allowing new influences to blend in. Is that easy?  You do the math. That is hard when some cultures are more resistant to change as well. I can hear the head-butting sound commencing. You can get a cultural impasse.


However, as a believer in Christ we have a whole different framework to think about. We are called to be fishers of men. Jesus said go into the whole world and make disciples. Heaven is made up of every culture on earth, yet somehow united in their love for God and His kingdom. So, no matter how much we don’t understand how different opposing cultures can blend. God does and really isn’t that who runs the show anyway?


Okay, this might sound a little hokey but, it’s kind of like the end of it’s a Small World ride. The different cultures have mixed up, colors, culture, and music. In Heaven this will be a reality far better than any multicultural program that we can come up with. There people not only get along they are true family richer for their distinction and diversity.


About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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2 Responses to Can I Try That?

  1. ctherring says:

    Good perspective….challenging words….Thank you for sharing!!

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