How to Bring Down a Giant 

Iron Image
By G.P. Avants
I am looking at a giant among men right now. It was once a mighty foe and struck fear in the hearts of its enemies. It was free, a master of its own destiny, and seemingly unchallenged by any other power under Heaven.  Those who were under the giant’s protection never had a better friend or more powerful ally. But the giant’s enemies never rested. They knew the giant’s land was bountiful and its storehouses full. They knew the only way to rob it of its wealth was to slowly weaken it from the inside out.
They began by making the giant lazy. He was lulled into a false sense of security which caused him to lower his guard at the borders of his land.
The lure of gold and gain was their next step. The giant’s enemies were sly and got the giant’s heart more desirous of wealth then for the people he protected.
They slowly poisoned his food, got him addicted to unnatural highs, and in time brought the giant to a hazy stupor.
The people under his protection  began fighting amongst themselves. The land began to wither and produce dry tasteless food. Slowly, one compromising step at a time,  the giant’s enemies watched for a day when they could imprison the giant and make him do their bidding.
The giant is on his knees and his fate is uncertain. Those who love the giant are hoping this time of humbling will get him praying. No matter how big a giant or a nation becomes it will never be great without God’s strength.  Maybe, like Job in the Bible, this powerful figure had let pride and self hide  heartland. May God help US, a giant in the land, find its glory when it seeks to be one nation under God again.
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About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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