We Have a Problem

Apollo 13 We have a Problem

“Therefore prepare your minds for action…”

                                       I Peter 1:13

Do you remember the movie about the real Apollo 13 mission? I think we have all heard or seen examples from this story. There was a problem: These three astronauts had an accident in space and they were in danger. The solution: Find a way to get them home.


Here’s what I loved about that movie: It wasn’t just the astronauts in the capsule that made up the Apollo 13 mission. No, it was every single person at NASA made that team what it was. The three guys were the physical arm out in space but, the whole body, the whole team, extended all the way back to earth. When the crisis came, they worked together to resolve it and resolve it they did.

Appllo 13 ship

Upon the inception of this story we had just re-elected President Bush. He had seen an unprecedented term that was full of highs and lows. Though it’s easy to gage his performance by all that he does, Mr. Bush, as with any president, is part of a much larger team. He is the face we all come to associate with that presidency yet, there are many persons who we do not see. They are all a team that works together to make our nation run as effectively as they are able.

apallo13 Go!

When a crisis arises these folks, with their unique gifts, rise to the task. Some shine, others falter however, they all try to do what they feel they need to do to avert the crisis or solve a problem. Even though we want to place all that happens on the president’s shoulders we must remember he is only one player on the team. To blame the pitcher or the coach for the entire outcome of the game or the season is not only unfair but a bit skewed. Nobody can play another person’s role on the team. They have to do their best to make the team work as one even when the odds are against them.

Apollo 13 Team

So, let me ask you a question? What part are you playing on this team? Oh, you weren’t aware you were part of this all-star franchise? You bet. We as a people are just as responsible for making this nation what it is. It is easy to sit back and let George, Barack, or Donald, and crew take the wrap for our nation yet, that’s not how it works. We the people, we are the United States of America. I hear the word UNITED in that term. United means one people working together for the common good. That, my friend means that you and I have just as much burden to make America what, I believe, God wants her to be.

Apollo 13 The Mission

As Emeril Lagasse says, “Let’s crank it up a notch.” You who are believers, Christians, people of faith, you are even more responsible for the welfare of our nation. Okay, let’s say that you have a greater, far reaching goal at stake. When a crisis comes we should be the ones who are leading the charge. You have our nation to stand on but, your hearts are mindful of the eternal outcomes represented. We were founded on God and we are to uphold those truths in our everyday lives. We are to do this regardless if the rest of the nation is following God or not. God’s people represent, set the standard and live out the meaning of what our forefathers meant the US to be.

Apollo 13 accident

So, before we (and I do mean we) get upset how the Middle East Crisis is being waged, gender issues, the turmoil all over Asia, our domestic quandaries are unfolding, etc., ask what you can do to help? Wasn’t that what JFK proposed? “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country?” When we see ourselves as a united team under the hand of God almighty, anything is possible.

(This piece is one I wrote e few years ago, but I am getting convicted myself by it. I have gotten a little worn and torn with the times we are in. However, the Lord knows when to prod US out of our petty, pitty party, and get back into the mission.)



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