The Net

Not net

By G. P. Avants


He lay down a cord,

A strong earthy rope,

Soiled yet, smelling

Of Heavenly places.

They looked at Him

As he motioned for them,

To lay down

The cords

They all possessed.

Their cords were slim

Fragile, compared

To His.

Yet, He assured them

It would work.


The secret

Was to bind their lines

To the unbreakable one.

The found a network


Their threads grew

Tighter and stronger,

Closer to each other

And closer to their

Leader’s prototype.


They soon taught

Others how to

Bind into this creation.

The net began to take shape.

It grew in intricacy

And readiness;

The time had come

To test it out.


Funny, the Master said

They would rescue fish

With this net,

Not catch and eat,

Not even catch and release,

Rather to bring

The floundering ones



These fish,

Were lost souls

In the sea of humanity.

These fishermen became

These fishers of men.

When they brought their catch

Before the Lord.

They witnessed a wiggling, squiggling,

Bounty of saved souls

Ready to begin a new life,

Unlike any they could ever imagine

In that deep, dark sea,





About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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