Was I Clear or Did I Babble On?

babble Hindu


Why do we have so many religions in the world and yet only have one God?  Every one of them states that they are the way to Heaven and eternal life or a version of a blissful everlasting life.

babble on Indian

Let’s jump back to the Tower of Babel? Have you heard about this one of a kind building project way back in the early years?  Mankind got an idea to not listen to God’s direction for them. With one language and one mind, they united for one purpose to build a tower straight to Heaven. It sounds like they wanted to be a brotherhood of man without a relationship with the creator of all things. The tower pointed out this fact, then God made His. He gave them diverse languages. This broke up this unhealthy world system to the four corners of the earth.  Mankind broke up into language groups and thus the nations began. They called that now abandoned tower Babel or Babble, because no one understood their languages any  more. It was just a crazy idea that was bound to fail from the beginning.


Babble On

Yet, God did something to remind mankind that without Him nothing will ever be whole.

11 He has made everything [a]appropriate in its time. He has also set eternity in their heart, [b]yet so that man will not find out the work which God has done from the beginning even to the end.

                                               Ecclesiastes 3:11

Man tried to make his life right and whole to please God. We call this religion. Every culture has one and in some ways religions try to recreate their own version of God and man’s relationship.  Again, this is man-made so it falls short of the real thing.


Babble On Mormon

There are pieces of truth for example:

The American Indians see their responsibility to care for all of God’s creation. It all works in a greater harmony with man as the caretaker.

The Mormons understand the importance of family and community. They also value hard work and being industrious with their goods.

The Hindus understand the spiritual world and that there powers hat are unseen by men’s eyes.

The Muslims see the effects of sin and how it divides men from God. They have no tolerance for wrong and are militant in the defense of their faith.

The Jews have seen the heart of God and the seed that would eventually unite men again.

babble on

So, is there any hope for this broken race of people? If we truly know our Creator, then you know He is all about relationship. Of course the Lord had a plan every before it all began, That is why He is so awesome! God set the stage for men to see why a man-made religion doesn’t work, and people are only complete with a personal relationship initiated by God Himself. That’s a good thing. What God made is the real thing so it has proven true generation after generation.

Jesus and Children


God, in His Wisdom introduced the key to Heaven’s door, the missing piece of the puzzle; the very glue that puts all the broken pieces back together.  It goes right into the very center of all human lives. The real part of them that will live forever: their eternal soul. The part of them that knows who they are and who God is. That piece is cross shaped and can only be filled with the Jesus who connects all the broken pieces of man-made religions.

Babble On Hope

The beauty is when all those broken pieces come back together, there isn’t a basis for being religious, but having a restored relationship that God intended from the very beginning. There is a tower that rises to Heaven. It is made of simple wood, a powerful sacrifice, and a promise that love conquers all.



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I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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