The Mysterious Nation 


Shanghai city network technology

Mystery Babylon, the great.


                      Revelation 17: 5


The internet and the dawn of the digital age has become a world within itself. Being a child of the70’s I would have never imagined a virtual world becoming an entity that has captured the world. Being a sci-fi enthusiast I had always seen the ongoing love hate relationship between man and machine.  That was fantasy, but now the digital domain is a daily reality most of the world has come to know.


Think about a First Century man or woman looking at this digital domain with any sort of clue to what they are experiencing. I imagine that when John on the Isle of Patmos saw the future he might have seen the internet in all its entirety. What would he say to seeing all the nations of the world connected with no boundaries, sharing information in an instant, and being able to communicate with one voice? What would he compare that, too? He had seen the empire of Babylon. It was a combination of many nations working as one. They shared resources, information, travel, etc. Could it be when John observed this mystery of an unseen world that existed inside a man-made creation, that he called it Mystery Babylon? How did it work? Who was its leader? What was the goal of this nation that isn’t a tangible thing?


That is a mystery still today. However, in God’s great knowledge, He saw it coming. Jesus knew man would increase his knowledge as history progressed (or digressed). He gave a command to His disciples to go preach the Gospel into Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth. Does the internet count as part of this Great Commission? I have often wondered about this because there are Christians who avoid it like the plaque. Some might see it as an all together unwholesome place that sucks in lost souls. Yes, this digital world can be an escape for some people to avoid the problems of real life. It can also be a place where your dreams and nightmares come true. I imagine the key is how you navigate through these troubled seas. Will a time come when the real world’s problems become too much and it is abandoned for the more idyllic virtual one?

Digital world

My thought is that if there are still people who need the Lord, then we as Christ’s disciples are called there. I believe that like any mission field there are dangers and trials inherent to that land. There might be languages to learn, cultures to understand, and people groups very foreign waiting there.So, one must know the risks going in before they set out to reach others.


I feel like I have a ministry online. The Lord told me to encourage others in their faith and the lead them to Him. That is why this blog was formed. It is a little piece of electronic real estate that is off the beaten track. My prayer is that people like you who travel this virtual world will find the truth that sets them free before the plug is pulled and the lights go out.


Where is your mission field?



About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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