As You Wish

This was a fun post that I had from a high school course I did on film and how to get the most out of a movie. This is where the ideas come from for our blogs.


“For there is no fear in love; but perfect love cast out fear.”

                                                           1John 4:18



Our final feature in our Film Culture class was The Princess Bride. Do you remember this classic film from the 80’s? There were so many memorable scenes that I could quote, but I am only choosing a few to talk about. We looked at how comedy and tragedy have to live in harmony. As Vizzini said,

“That’s inconceivable.”

Maybe that word doesn’t mean what he thinks it mean.


Wesley and Buttercup found something that doesn’t happen everyday, True Love. What makes their relationship work, I think, is Wesley’s words,

“As you wish.”

As you Wish

He would always come if they were ever separated. Wesley would be that white knight even if the world made him wear black and be a pirate. Buttercup was innocent to the ways of the world like her namesake. However, she learned how to keep love alive when she let it die. Crazy, right? These two wished for True Love but little did they know what struggle life would through them into.


“My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.”

As Wesley and Buttercup are torn apart and randomly thrown back together, they meet an odd variety of people. One of them, Indigo, sought revenge for the love of his dead father. Again, love can push ordinary people into places that they never thought they would go. Struggles in life can make you better or biter. I guess it’s the condition of the heart that makes all the difference.

Fred Savage

When people try to understand what real love they can miss the point all together. They may even attempt to thwart love or even destroy it. Prince Humperdinck had a sick way of having a relationship.

Prince Humperdink

“I would not say such things if I were you.”

He said this when Buttercup, now confident in her true love, defied him. That simple flower stood up to a cruel hateful world. When things got darkest and the sun refused to shine, True Love showed how strong its roots were.


If you ever doubt that True Love exists in the world think again. The real test of it is the trials and troubles it endures. The very things designed to destroy real love can actually make it stronger between two people. May I be as bold to say that real love is from God and that tells you time can never shake eternity.

Humperdink 2

“Love, true love is what brings us together today.”

I couldn’t of said it better it myself.




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