“For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Matthew 11: 30


Got it.
The work ahead

Is plain to see;

Some tell me:
“If it’s meant to be, It’s up to me.”

I grab the plow.

My back I bow,

Flex and bent,

All day;

From beginning to end.


As sunset falls,


It’s then I view

The fruit of my labor;

My field looks no different


Then the unworked one

Of my neighbor.

Not a dent did I make

From the sweat of my brow.


Yet tomorrow’s the same;


Though I know this will grow,






Then I remember

I am not alone;

This isn’t a one-man job.

No, in fact it’s one made

For man and his God

Pulling together,

Not grasping at odds.


That silly idea

Doesn’t sound so bad

Right now.

So, I take Him

At His word:

Pull and strain,

Sun or rain,

Rocky path,

Grassy hills,

or painstakingly course,

Flat and  mundane.



The fellowship is sweet,

The labor is halved,

At the least,

While the outcome

Fundamentally increased;

Alongside the Lord.

A heavy load

Looking behind,

When all is done,

The field is plowed,

Ready for what’s next;

This part is complete and

This work of God

Is done.

Plowed field


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