Taylor-Made Religion or Relationship?



Please don’t ask me how many religions there are in the world? I bet there as many as there are opinions of who God is and how to we can get our ticket to Heaven. Religion really is technically a man-made enterprise so, consider that before you put your whole faith in one.


It reminds me of a skit called The Religion Store by a Christian comedy group called Isaac Airfreight. The shady owner of the store boasted of how easy it was to convince his costumers into creating their own religions. It was too easy to design a religion that is tailor made for anyone looking for their own piece of Heaven.


What’s funny is what doesn’t work with religion does work with a relationship with God. I love the fact that no two people on earth are the same, ever. Chalk that up to their Creator who is the author of everything including how to do relationships right. The Lord does wish to meet us where we are and build a life that is meant just for you. He knows the personal struggles we all have and how sin has corrupted us individually. Jesus also knows our gifting, our likes, and the unique details we have down to our very genes. I am thinking that if He knows all that about each person then how He relates to us is very one-of-kind as well. Ask the violinist, the mathematician, the teacher, the spy, the clown, the officer, the man who makes pies, how they express their love for their savior and king. Each one would communicate that love as their own special thing.


Are you ready for a perfect relationship that this imperfect world can’t make? Talk to Jesus who lived a perfect life that you can’t live on your own, yet, He is willing to give to you a tailor-made one for the asking. God knows how to speak your heart language so why not let Him speak to you right now?




About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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