Happy New Year

Dear Friends,

What a blessing it has been to have you as a reader on this blog. I write it to encourage people, but I get blessed and moved by hearing from you. Let’s keep in contact into this new year.

I am starting the new year with a series called, Superfruit of the Soul. It is a short series on spiritual health with the fruit virtues of the Holy Spirit, like love, joy, peace, etc. I hope it will give you a boost for the beginning of great things in 2018!

Thanks for those who have supported my first writing project, Chronolocity Vol 1: A Fistful if Chronotons. I am learning a lot about sharing this project and will hopefully keep you posted on its progress. I am currently working on adverts ting in social media,recording the audio version of the book, and working on the next novel, Vol II How the West was Xrossed. If you want to help us make history you can check out Chronolocityhq.com:


Again, love your comments, questions, and thoughts, Keep them coming. If you are a fellow blogger, I hope you feel the support as umph you need to keep on keeping on.


Your friend in time,


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