The Super Fruit of Gentleness 



Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand.

                              Philippians 4: 5



Last time we spoke about the term super fruit. These are fruits that are highly nutritious and provide your body with essential food building blocks. Did you know that there are super fruits available for your soul? Our soul needs to be fed for it is the real core of who we are. There is the fruit of the Holy Spirit which enables God’s children to live a life of faith in the world. Each week we will talk about a different fruit or as some feel a different aspect of one fruit with multiple uses.  On a recent car ride my family and I made a list of some of the natural super fruits that feed our natural body and tried to associate one with a spiritual fruit. So, here goes.


What natural super fruit was our pick to represent gentleness? Would you believe a fruit that is often overlooked as a one?  With a thick outer hide, yet a soft and enriching body and a tough seed in the center, is the super fruit, avocado. Think about it. Just like gentleness, an avocado contains a taste, texture and quality that has richer properties that truly gives a body what it needs. The oil, the, flesh, finds its way into just about every kind of dish, sliced, blended, cooked, baked, you name it.  What makes this super fruit effective is its versatility.


How does this translate into the super fruit of gentleness?



Times are changing. Generations before us practiced gentleness as just part of basic human kindness. Where do think the term gentleman came from? If you watch any older films like we have in our home, you can see that men and women showed more of this virtue in their relationships. I am not saying that we have lost how to be gentle to others, but in a harder world people can equate gentleness with weakness. When power and strength supersede being a serving-minded people, we lose a real part of being human.


When God’s Holy Spirit is at work, gentleness become a source of strength. Even in the face of cruelty and malice a cup of cold water, or a smile can break down the proudest of heart. Gentleness can also fall into the same category as the word meekness. Both have the same deep-centered seed within them. It means strength under control which is in stark contrast to gentle being a weak pushover. People who let gentleness work within them have the Lord as their outer tougher skin. Think of it like tempering. Jesus allows us to endure the realities of life to toughen us up on the outside. He does this, I think for two important reasons. First to protect the softer nature where He can work His love within us. Second so there will still be people of gentleness as the world gets harder and harder. He forms us, much like the avocado spiritually speaking, so we will be that enriching source of God’s grace in the world.


I hope you will allow the Lord to show you the power and strength of His gentleness. May you find this super fruit deepening your character and enabling you to be effective in whatever situation you find yourself experiencing. People need a little time, understanding, and gentleness because the world’s version of this fruit, looks, black, soft, and squishy.


How have you experienced God’s super fruit today?


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