The Super Fruit of Patience



By G.P. Avants


“But let patience have its perfect work that you may be perfect, lacking nothing.”

                                                                                 James 1:4


Have you heard about the term “super fruit”? These are fruits that are highly nutritious and provide your body with essential business kid food blocks. Did you know that there are super fruits available for your soul? Our soul needs to be fed for it is the real core of who we are. There is the fruit of the Holy Spirit which enables God’s children to live a life of faith in the world. Each week we will talk about a different fruit or as some feel a different aspect of one fruit with multiple uses.  On a recent car ride my family and I made a list of some of the natural super fruits that feed our natural body and tried to associate one with a spiritual fruit. So, here goes.



Want to guess what super fruit of the soul we are discovering this week? Wait for it…




So why is the pomegranate considered a super fruit? We know that all super fruits are high in many vitamins and are essential to long-lasting health. With a little patience crack open the hard outer shell and you will find a network of tiny red fruit like hidden jewels. For ages the pomegranate has been known to reduce digestive inflammation, and arthritis along with being hailed as a great anti-bacterial, and anti-viral fighter. Want help with your memory and even issues with Alzheimer’s? Just remember the pomegranate, whole or in delicious juice form, has been  highly -praised though-out history as a cure all for so many ailments. There is an art to extract the nutrients, but a little persistence will help you reap benefits that this tough skinned fruit can yield.


How is the super fruit of patience even better?


The Holy Spirit day-after-day reminds our soul that waiting on the Lord produces a harvest if we don’t faint. His patience in us helps endure through these days of struggle and anguish. Patience to many is a joke to prayer for in an impatient and instant society.  Why wait? The truth is when we take in too much, rush through life, and caught up in busyness, that is when we make mistakes or get snagged by the thorns of sin. To take less off our plate and find a healthy balance in our lives, effects so many aspects of our well-being. You could say that life moves too fast, so slow down and enjoy it.


I always wondered why pomegranates were carved into the Jewish temple in Israel. I think it’s because it speaks of the patience and the His love for people. That blood red juice reminds me of the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. The rough unassuming outer image contains life-giving power for those who have the patience discover it. God allowed His son in a simple shell, to contain a treasure within treasure. I could go on, but the patient super fruit of the soul, as Oswald Chambers would say, allows us to sit and soak in the presence of the Lord.

Pomegranate seeds in woman hands shaping heart symbol

Pomegranate seeds in woman hands shaping heart symbol


About gpavants

I am a writer and a teacher. I feel my platform is to encourage people to live a life of faith.
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2 Responses to The Super Fruit of Patience

  1. shawn briggs says:

    Great article Gary. So thankful for the Lords patience with us.

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