By G. P. Avants


3 is a magic number

As the old song goes.


It’s God’s number

The trinity:

God in three persons

Father, Son and Spirit.

He sees the from eternity

The Past, Present, and Future

All at once;

He is

The great IAM.


He created a lowly planet

Third from the sun

To be the only habitable place

In our solar system


He created man in his image

On the sixth day.

God is a trinity

So is man,

Body, spirit, and soul

So two threes coming together

In a wonderful fellowship.

Firey 3

Satan tried to imitate

That 3 by being the third

Wheel in the Garden of Eden.

Look where that road lead.


But the union that works

For a relationship

As it says in proverbs

Is the three-fold cord:

Two lives wrapped around

The center cord of the Lord.


The Father send His Son

To restore that lost union.

Jesus Christ.

At his baptism the three

Were present.

The Father spoke.

The Son submitted.

And the Spirit descended

Like a dove.

The great I AM had come.

# more

Everything about Christ’s life

Reflected the image and nature

Of God.

That three followed Him

Sort of like a trade mark.


Even in the choice

Of His friends.

Jesus’ Three closest

Were Peter, James, and John.

Peter was the first leader of the church

James the first martyr

And John out lived them all

He saw the end of the world.

So his friends

In a way


The beginning,

The present,

And the future.

# dust

I believe even the timing

Of Christ’s death

Was perfectly timed.

It was to show that God

Not man,

Was in control

Of His final minutes on earth.


The Bible says that he died at the age of 33

I wonder if we wanted to get down to it

He died at 33 and 1/3 years old.

He was also crucified at the 3rd hour

Which is around 9am.

From the 6th hour (noon)

To the 9th hour(3pm) darkness fell upon the earth.

He said it was finished and gave up the ghost.

Man did not kill Jesus,

He gave his life a ransom for all.

He didn’t own a watch but I wonder

If he died at 3:33 and 33 seconds.


Only God knows

How many 3’s accompanied Jesus

What we know is that nothing

Especially the life and death of our Lord

Was by accident.

All times and times

Are in His will and His time.

God has placed His number

His signature to all He does.


Next time you wonder

What it going on.

Take comfort in that fact.

Because it is a fact

That doesn’t change.

Three is a magic number.



  1. Hi Gary
    This is a great post.
    I love numbers 👍🏼

    Only one tag is visible: “holy-spirit”
    If you edit the post and add ten “commonly used” tags, you might just get more readers. Of course it’s a couple of days old so it will now be in the bottom area of any newsfeed. But next time you post…
    happy blogging.

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