40 Days of Porpoise

By G. P. Avants   “You understand, O Lord; remember me and care for me.”                                                                Jeremiah 15: 15   ( No, Pastor this is not a typo.) This is a story. A story about a woman, aquatic mammal, and a year pass to Sea World. “What a deal. If you buy a Sea World ticket before mid-May it will be good for the rest … Continue reading 40 Days of Porpoise

32 Lizards

By G. P. Avants   “Daddy, there’s another one!” “Where?” “Under that wooden rail.” “Oh, yes. It’s green with stripes. I’m just glad its not a snake.” “That’s thirty.” “Daddy, this bike ride is harder and longer than the last one.” “I know but you’re doing so good.” “How much farther?” “A couple of more miles.” “Oh…look there’s another lizard. That makes thirty-one.” My baby … Continue reading 32 Lizards

9 Ft. Weeds

By G. PAvants “Then you will lift up your face without shame; you will stand firm and without fear.”                                                                            Job 11:15 My daughter is a dancer. She enjoys ballet, jazz, and tap. We got her on a great team at her dance studio. Because of this we have been able to see all kinds of dances and dancers. That’s the good stuff. … Continue reading 9 Ft. Weeds

Do You Speak Wookie? 

By G.P. Avants   “My name is Han.” “Last name” He shrugs. “Han…Solo, welcome to service in the Empire.” That is how our beloved rascal of a pilot Han Solo came into the service of the Empire. He attempted an escape with his love Kiri, but they became separated. Han attempted to hide in plain site from his enemy while making credits to get them … Continue reading Do You Speak Wookie?