Did You Choose A 70 or 7 year plan?



By G.P. Avants

       ” I am going there to prepare a place for you.”

                                                       John 14:2

Are your ready for the future? I’m sure you may have been thinking about retirement or starting a new career after you’ve put in a few years at your current job. College funds? TSA? I’m talking eternity? Are you ready for stepping into that long term situation or are you caught up in the worries of the present?


I will tell you that if you haven’t thought that far out you might want to do so quickly. If you haven’t noticed yet the world is becoming a little darker each day. Yet, we haven’t seen anything yet. There’s a time coming that is unprecedented in our world. It’s the final battle between good and evil. It will literally be a hell of a war and we all need to decide which side we will side with.

eternity 2

There are two plans that the Bible talked about for getting people’s attention. One was the exile of the nation of Israel. Imagine an entire nation taken away, scattered and mingled with foreign nations for 70 years. God did this to get Israel’s attention. They turned their back on the God who made them who they are and embraced the world. He warned them of the consequences of joining a lost and sinful world; because He was in the process of cleansing the world of sin.


The miracle was that God did restore Israel for a time and brought the Messiah through that restored line. (Another handprint of God was that he restored Israel in the 1940’s after being totally dispersed in the world, forgotten as a nation for over 1,000 years)


Does it take that long to get our attention? I don’t know if we have that much time to try the patience of God. He has a 7 year period plan prepared to do a final judgment in the world. It is a tenth the time of the exile but it is 100 or 1000 times more intensive of a judgment.I ask you: Do you really want to go through a time of great trial if you don’t have to? People will be saved, finally, through that time but, what they have to go through will be horrible. You will be beaten, broken, and some beheaded for their faith. That’s on top of famine, plague, constant world-wide natural disasters, and political upheaval.


Why not chose the eternal plan right now? There is a 0 year wait. You can be certain to have hope beyond all of the craziness surrounding you. You can know peace in the midst of chaos, and come to understand that all the struggles you face have a greater purpose. Life will finally make sense.


God sent His Son, Jesus, as payment for the world’s sin. He came to destroy the very root of man’s problems which He did on an old wooden cross. God is now able to renew your life because sin is no longer a barrier between you and He. God made you for Himself to enjoy eternal fellowship. That lost dream can be found again.

If you haven’t received Christ here’s a prayer that might help.

Dear Lord, I want to know you now. I want to be ready for eternity so I ask your forgiveness for my sin. I surrender my life to you, Jesus, and ask you to be the Lord of my life. Thank you for healing my life one day at a time and making me ready for Heaven.


           I ask this in Jesus name Amen.

Have you made you plan yet?


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  1. Indeed the Last Battle looms on the horizon, it’ll be one that’s wilder than anything CS Lewis or JRR Tolkien could have possibly imagined – but the victory was won at Calvary and that brings me a great deal of comfort as I fight my much smaller battles every day.

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