The Measure of a Failure

By G.P. Avants It’s Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas everyone. If you’re like our family, we start watching Christmas movies right after Thanksgiving. This year we have been a little slack on our flicks, but we started off with a classic. Honestly, I have never watched this film from beginning to end , but I am glad I finally did. It’s a Wonderful Life really is … Continue reading The Measure of a Failure

A Let it Be and See Story

By G. P Avants   “Whoever is thirsty, let him come.”                         Revelation 22: 17   Okay, here’s another confession. When I was a teenager I was really messy. When asked to clean up my room, it got done, but don’t look under the bed. That was a black hole waiting to suck up anything that got into its gravity well. My mom probably never … Continue reading A Let it Be and See Story