All Through the night

By G. P. Avants

Where is God my maker who gives songs in the night?”

                                                                        Job 35:10

            Here I am again. It’s after 2am and I’m on duty. My baby daughter who is about 9 months old is awake. I have learned so much about having a child in the past year. I had always been called ‘uncle’ and this new title of “Daddy” carries a lot of life changing responsibilities with it. For me the biggest challenge hasn’t been cleaning up after her or even dirty diapers. I can handle rolling on the floor and being silly; that comes second nature for me. The biggest challenge is lack of sleep.

            I love to sleep and to have that interrupted, totally throws me off. We have worked out a system but, I am still missing out on a regular sleep cycle. When Autumn wakes up, my wife tells me to pat her on the behind. Pat, pat, pat until she relaxes. It works but, there are times when you have to stay there a long time.

            This is one of those times. As I lean over her crib, more zombie-like than anything, I hear a familiar song on her CD player. All through the night, is playing. It has a beautiful angel-like voice singing about how the Lord is watching over his children all through the night. The melody takes on a haunting bend that seems to really move me at that moment.

As my hands are comforting my restless baby, I see the Lord as He comforts me. In the still of the night, He is doing the same for me. I am tired and weary, yet He is telling me that He’s diligently watching over me. It is hard to fully explain how wonderful it is to know that while the world sleeps, we are guarded.  I can do nothing about the cares and worries of the day. They are placed in His hands as my heavy head hits the pillow. I have to trust that He is working all things out for my good. I can lay my burdens of the day down, eventually, and know He will renew my strength.

The love we show to others who are under our protection comes back when we are in need. As we care for those who look to us for help, I believe the Lord honors and shows us that same compassion.  So, fathers, mothers, guardians keep on watching out for those under your care. The Lord will give you that strength even when you don’t feel you’re on top of your game. He sees your heart and your sacrifice. Let Him speak to you and use you all though the night. 

Sleeping young mother and newborn baby


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