02/02/20The Good News of Christ in 2020.

“Welcome to Adulthood” has been the theme of our church 412 Murrieta for the past few months. The timing was really great that today was 02/02/20. If you have been with my blog long enough you that as a writer I still have a thing for numbers especially when they have an interesting pattern. So, this blog was written from Pastor Tim Thompson’s sermon. This might not be my normal style, but I wanted to get this out before the day was over.

1. Cor 15 is the chapter we are looking at today. The Good News is still good today. However, the hearts of people have changed. With peace programs in place and our nations and people making immature decisions for the fate of nations. The Lord wants us to see clearly how He makes anyone ONE in Him. When our nation was founded the church used to be the hub. It has to come back to our foundational places. With so many controversial issues, we can always come back to God’s foundational word in the Old Testament. He connects it all together so don’t throw out the old and just cling to the new.

The key is to remember who Jesus is and what the Gospel means. The church in Corinth and California have similar tastes with entertainment, exciting, flashy but have missed the meat of God’s word. Just like a house with a strong foundation, we need to still build our home with Christ. Really the Gospel is simple good news. He keeps it simple, but because of our fallen distrustful sinful nature complicates it. V1-2. We are to hold fast the word of God. Here are the five points that Pastor Tim shared for finding, receiving, living, and sharing the Gospel in our lives.

1. There is only one true Gospel.

Today we live in a time when you have faith in something. But there can only be one way. Didn’t Jesus say, “I am the way, the truth, and one life, no one comes to the Father except though Him?” God brings freedom from confusing, chaotic life in the ONE person Jesus Christ. God’s word hasn’t changed because He hasn’t changed. Everything else and ever other argument hasn’t held water over time. The Gospel isn’t exclusive, it has always been offered to whosoever will. It is offered to everyone but few will find it. God sees the whole of mankind throughout history and in comparison few are finding the truth. Gal 1:6-9. There are different Gospels competing for our souls. Do we see the truth or fall for a lie? 2John 1:10-11.

2. Each person has to receive it for themselves.

v3. The Gospel was shared and it is our job to do something with it. How do we let His truth be planted by the Holy Spirit? I Thess 2:13. We should treat God’s word not as the word of man, but truly of God. It works effectively in daily in your lives if you let it. This is where we will see the real life of the Gospel working in the real issues of our lives. It is compared to a two-edged sword, an active seed, answers to difficult issues, and real change in our live’s course. We come to see the sinful man dwelling in us, but then the new man is growing inside ready to take it’s place. That is a war inside ourselves that Jesus should be allowed to win.

3. Standfast in the new life you now have in the Gospel.

Gal 5:1. Don’t me moved. Standfast in the Gospel in the face of the enemy. We have now been recruited on God’s side of a spiritual battlefield. We know who our enemy is and who our strength to fight it is. Our purpose is to remain steadfast and not run when troubles or trials come. In our flesh we run when it gets a little uncomfortable but with the Lord we are strong as a lion.What weapons the world comes at us with have to go against God Holy Spirit us.

4. When our eyes are opened our lives are transformed.

V4-8. Paul and other believers were ordinary fallen people, until they saw the power of Christ. They could no longer  live those ordinary lives without purpose.We surrender to Jesus, the real truth. It was easy to see things in our fallen state as real. However when you encounter Jesus there is no way to see things from that dark perspective anymore.

5. God gets the glory!

V. 10-11. My life changes and the Lord gets the credit. That is meant to be proof or indicator that His Spirit is at work. The Gospel is true because we opened ourselves up to Jesus. This has come full circle. Who or what showed us the Gospel got us started? Out lives proved faith is real, God is true, sin is a real problem, Jesus is the answer. It’s up to you to receive it or not. Are you ready to live it out and let the Gospel be real in you? 

Whether you are a believer in Christ or checking all of this Christian stuff out I hope this spoke to you. I think where I drew comfort was that the Gospel is simple, but once taken in, it does a complicated work that only out Creator can do. If he can bring all existence into being from nothing, He can definitely make a broken or lost soul new.


  1. Love that conclusion, Gary. God has made it incredibly simple for us to approach him, but he’s always ready and more than able to take on our complicated issues and circumstances, to make all things new. Incredible!. He gets the glory because he deserves the glory!

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