California Renewal Project part 1 : Churchianity

The are some amazing things going on in California. Yes, the political, educational, media, finance arenas are under attack with many questionaable activities being promoted. Many people are jumping ship, packing up, and leaving the state because of those issues. But if you are a Californian, like I am, you already know this. Sadly, a number of good people, many church going believers are part of this mass exodus. 

However, there are believers who have chosen to stay because they feel that the battle is not lost or is it over. These folks are part of the California Renewal Project. What is that? It is a movement presented by David Lane to encourage Christians to use their voice in order to fight for the needs of our country. Church leaders from all across the state are getting involved in every area where they feel the Lord is directing them to serve. 

Recently my wife and I along with our pastor and some of our church leaders were able to attend this free two day event. There were so many great speakersn who are making a difference in our state. I can say that I really felt the Holt Spirit moving and my sense of hope was revived. So, I wanted to share some of the highlights of this event by sharing who the speakers were so you too might be encouraged. 

Jack Hibbs

Pastor Jack Hibbs is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. He is very courageous and speaks the truth about the God, Jesus, the Bible, and how we as believers should be very involved in impacting our state, nation, and the world. 

He spoke on how our God does impossible stuff. God’s not done with our nation and the proof lies in the election of our president, Donald Trump.  This should not have happend, but it did. If you agree with everything the president does or not, he is being used of God in ways the media is chosing not to share. 

For example at a gathering of pastor and Christian leaders Mr. Trump said that the answer for our nation was simple.  He told the leaders to give the (American people) the Bible and things will turn out right. Even though we aren’t sure if Trump is a believer he at least knows what a Godly foundation looks like. He has done more for religious freedom than any other president before him. Christians need to know what kinds of foundational things Trump is doing because it’s a great reminder to be be faithful with the little and watch what God can do with that. The president loves impossible things and situations that are a challenge. Our nation is a perfect place to see those kinds of things happen. 

Another great reminder from Pastor Hibbs is that a government that was designed on a religious freedom  does not work any other way. It was build for people to express their faith and the foundation of God and His word. He told us that the name Sacramento meant “sacrament to God.” The enemy has dug into holy places, we need to kick them out. You can’t have the same results in a free nation when you remove the God who established it, and lay worldly ideas on a holy foundation. Many churches don’t want to talk about issues of  government and polotics in the church. The pastors in these congregations are afraid they will become unpopluar and people will leave their fellowship. Look what happens when we bury the action of living the Word. We end up in the times we are in. These are not new issues. Charles Spurgeon, known as the “preacher of preachers in the 1800’s knew about these issues as well. When people left his church because of disagreements, he just called them, ”Blesssed subtractions”. These are people who have embraced churchianity instead of the heart of Christianity. 

What I took away from Pastor Hibbs’ talk was that we should be bold in our faith. Our president has a boldness, but we also have a holy boldness from the Lord. Yes, there are a lot of battles ahead when you make your stand for the Lord. However, this a fight worth fighting and is exciting to live in the times that we are in. I am excited that there is hope again in what could happen in our state and those possibilities make me want to hang in there.

For more on Pastor jack Hibbs check out the links below. 

Jack Hibbs on his radio program Real Radio

Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

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