California Renewal Project:Part 2 Holy Boldness.

By G.P. Avants

Last time we spoke, my wife and I had attended a recent conference that had us excited about the future of California. While many people are ready to jump ship and let our state sink, there are a few believers who have chosen to stay because they feel that the battle is not lost or is it over. These folks are part of the California Renewal Project. What is that? It is a movement presented by David Lane to encourage Christians to use their voice in order to fight for the needs of our country. Church leaders from all across the state are getting involved in every area where they feel the Lord is directing them to serve. At a two day conference we were encouraged, challenged, and empowered to live our our faith and help California become the “Son Shine State” again. 

Our next speaker was David Brody. He is an American Journalits and Chief Political Analyst for the Christian Broacasting Network.  Mr. Brody is very outspoken about the president and his workings in the US government. Mr, Brody may not always agree with him, but he does see that God is at work in the President’s life. He states that Donald Trump is not a normal people. He has an energy and boldness to get things done that most people don’t posses. Mr. Brody has has many ocassions to interview and observe the President in action. 

He wanted us to understand the faith of Donald Trump as well. Mr. Trump has surrounded himself with Godly people who actively live out their faith. Whenever there is someone who will pray for him, the President thanks them and receives all he can get. Mr. Brody is a completed Jew and came to faith in Christ in his 20’s. He comments that what reaches many people, like himself, you have to present the Gospel in smart ways and create a curiosity in hearers.  He sees that in the life of Donald Trump. That life of boldness is being modeled by his actions, policy-making, and everyday decisons. People are curious about what is going on. 

Mr, Brody reminded us that there are many forces at work to divide and conquer the US. That is evident by the cultural war that is currently waging. As in times past, God uses imperfect people to do a great work. The Lord  knows the times we are in and the condition of people’s hearts. That would make sense that he would raise up a person who is geared for tough times and diffcult people. When God is being forced from schools, the president is calling for more prayer to be introduced. The President knows who to call on for help in times like these. 

What is the take away for us. We too can have that Bibilcal boldness, in fact Jesus wants us to ask for it. “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. “ 2 Timonthy 1:7. When the enemy, in all his many forms,  comes against us we are to say, “I come against you in the name of the Lord.” We have Jesus. He empowers His people to be bold to speak into the culture and the issues of the day. Who are real fighters for the Lord? They are the everyday, imperfect people, who are empowered by the Lord’s Spirit for such a time as these. 


  1. Thank you for sharing from the conference, Gary. I especially appreciated what you pass on to us here concerning our president, observations from someone close to the epicenter in Washington. As a result of your remarks, I feel hopeful for California and for our nation. God is working in some surprising ways! Kobe Bryant and his new-found faith in Jesus and his passion FOR Jesus is another example.

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