The California Renewal Project Part 3 : The Seven Mountains of Influence

By G. P. Avants 

Not every believer is meant to run for office, but every believer should be an influence into their culture. Pastor Rob  McCoy Senior Pastor at Godspeak Calvary Chapel of Thousand Oaks and the  mayor of Thousand Oaks since 2018. Pastor Rob knows that he can not only stands behind a pulpit but also make his stand on our state government. Where some might say that religion and politics should not mix, Pastor McCoy believes that all believers should be salt and light in our culture. 

The fact is historically the pulpit has always the place to invest in every aspect of our nation as a larger congregation. This has been true since the vert beginning of our nation. Man and women who felt moved by the Lord, in and outside the church building knew they were the ones to change the culture around them. Look at the impact they had to see our nation freed from England and form a new nation under God. 

Jump forward to California in the 70’s. We were a very prosperous and productive state. What happened? After the events our the 60’s the social unrest, and Vietnam War, many people lost their way. Hippies made a mass cultural because they lost their faith in government and esablished religion. They pushed for socialism and that brought our state to a  super low point. The Jesus Movement was born when people came back to the Lord and began to influence the culture in California and then the nation. These believers were the everyday people who saw hope beyond the circumstances that they were dropped into. On a side note Past McCoy mentioned Charles Shultz. He took a bold stand and produced, The Charlie Brown Christmas” during this time of cultural unrest. A Bibical message on primetime TV in the 70’s was unheard of, but that film made an impact into our culture that is still felt today. 

That was over fifty years ago. How do we get the younger ones and our congregation to understand the freedoms they have and how to fight to protect them? 

Pastor MCCoy reminded us about Gideon’s army. What started out as a large band of soldiers became narrowed down to only 300 men. But that tight band of brothers were ready to stay and fight for their nation. The Lord wants to find those faithful few who want to see their nation redeemed. Maybe with all the believers leaving California, God will again use those who stay to do a great work in our state? 

In 2020 Politics are dirty, and sadly so is the church. We are at another low point in our culture. People have lost their faith in goverment and organized religion. It seems like we are at the same point we were fifty years ago. If ever there was a perfect time for the believers in this state to stand up and influence their culture it is now. Pastor McCoy Reminds us that we as the Ekklias, the body of Christ in this world, are to be pockets of influence. We need  affect our state in real time.

When Pastor McCoy began talking about the term, “Seven Mountains of Cultural Influence”, I think we all sat up a little more attentive in our seats, I know I did.  They are the areas of Art & Entertainment, Business, Education, Family. Government, Media, and Religion. He challenged each of us as believers to pray about what area could be our entry point into our society when it comes to the Gospel. And to add a little more gravitas to our postion as Californians believers. Whatever happens in this state heavily influences the rest of the nation. Those Seven Mountains roots not only can change the course of an entire nation, but maybe even the world. We have so many reasons to find that mountain to work from instead of running when things get difficult. 

What was the take away for me and my family? 

When Pastor Rob brought us back to our country’s foundation, I took my breath away. We fought England over life, liberty, and happiness. What is happiness? That highest pursuit of man? Psalm 1 said, “Blessed, happy is the man who…” God’s word speaks to our entire cultural issues. Then I thought about how the Lord has given me three mountains of influence to explore and to use my gifting: Arts & Entertainment, Education, and Media. Knowing how I can make an impact for the Gospel in those specific arenas gave fresh new air in my lungs. I loved that Pastor Mc Coy put everyday people’s impact into a realistic perspective. He had us consider the people God used to impact the nation of Isreal and the world: Abraham, Moses, Sampson, David, Peter, and Paul were ordinary, messed up, imperfect people with lots of issues. However, they committed their lives to God and he used them for a specific purpose, the perfect time, and among the right people. Before we get on the president for being who his is, think about the times we are in, the situations we are facing, and what kind of person God would raise uo to tackle these problems. Who makes ordinary people good, only God. Good goverrment starts with good people. You do the math. 

For more information about Pastor Rob McCoy check out his site.

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