CA Renewal Project Part 4: Hear the Voice of Man

By G. P. Avants

Here we are again listening to the speakers that came from all corners of the US to speak at the California Renewal Project.These are men and women who have a heart for the condition of the state of California. For they know what whatever happens here will ripple through the rest of the country. 

Ken Graves 

We were honored by having the unmistakable voice of Pastor Ken Graves as our MC. When Ken speaks people WILL listen. A friend who has heard Pastor Ken speak previously tried to prepare us for what our hears would experience. He has the kind of voice every man wants to have. It commands your full attention! Pastor Ken is pastor at Calvary Chapel in Bangor Maine. Honestly, when he speaks he really doesn’t need a mic and his voice might just carry from Maine if we needed to hear him preach across country. 

Pastor Ken not only had to privileged to eloquently introduce each speaker over our two day conference, but at certain points in program he shared his heart on God’s work in the world. 

When Pastor Ken spoke about God’s creation and the fullness of it, you could hear, see, and experience a living dynamic in the telling. However, after sharing about the vastness of the cosmos, the amazing beauty of the finest details of life on earth, there was a pause for the best was yet to come. Pastor Ken then shared the crowning achievement of God’s creation. Sadly, in a fallen world we have forgotten that moment because we see it through the eyes of a broken and hurt race. That crown has been trampled underfoot throughout every generation of man.

The beauty of all creation was mankind because made male and female after the nature of God Himself. When God made Adam, he knew that he still lacked something to make him complete. When he separated male and female it altered who they both were. They had an incompleteness without the other. They both had roles and rightly designed for their sex.

Man’s minds is not totally there without being complete. Who makes that union complete is the Lord in their midst. Who else but the creator knows how to make relationships with the right balance of complete and incomplete, wholeness, need, and growth together? God separated man and woman physically so when they come together they together with God, they bring more life and family into existence. That is why He said that was very good. 

God has given people amazing gifts that vary for the tasks they are called to do. We all have a gift and when we offer it back the Lord, that’s when it becomes effective and powerful. Everyone of us has their own original voice. It might be in written form, spoken form, or non-verbal acts of service. The key is the discover that talent, find out how the Lord would want you to develop it to bring Him glory, and draw people to Him. 

Working in media, I love to be able to find folks with unique, powerful, and inspiring voices. In my top five greatest gifted vocalizers like Morgan Freeman, Patrick Steward, and Liam Neeson, Pastor Ken Burns is now in the running for a top spot. Well, instead of taking my word for it. Why not listen to Past Ken do what he does best.  It’s all in the voice, right? 

Check out a short video Pastor Ken created about President Lincoln being an extremist. 

Pastor Ken Shares his thoughts on Abraham Lincoln

Pastor Ken Leading Music

Calvary Chapel Bangor, Main,

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