Bless US

By G.P. Avants

“For there is no difference between the Jew and the Gentile-the same Lord is Lord of all and richly bless all who call on Him.”

                                                              Romans 10:12

I often wonder what the word “blessed” means. Does it mean that you have everything you need or everything you want?  Is God going to make everything better and nothing bad will cross your path? Is that what being blessed is? Our nation has so much. We are always discussing how we are blessed or how the Lord has showered His blessings. This is true. The poorest of us has an abundance compared to many places in the world. If you put it in perspective we really don’t have any needs.

Is that a good thing NOT to need? Or is it a blessing to know that life isn’t complete without the Lord? So, having a need may be a good thing?

I have heard that there are so many people who tip the scales financially. They bank their hopes and dreams on their bank account however, some mismanage what they have been given. These folks are in debt and the comfort of money leaves them wanting more. It is weird to hear so many folks in Hollywood or the industry being up to their eyeballs in overdue bills. 

Still, there are others who are considered low income or poor who make ends meet. Especially in these times that is a feat in itself. Can I just come out and say it could very well be a miracle? (My mom was in that category. There were six kids, little funds, but we always had a square meal.) They have a happy family life even its Mac N’ Cheese on the table. She knew how to manage a few things wisely.

So maybe being blessed isn’t something you can tabulate. It isn’t a full belly or having 419 Facebook friends. The steak dinner? The connections that will close a big deal? These really are temporary things that aren’t strong enough on their own to count us blessed.

Jesus mentioned those who were blessed were poor in spirit, meek (self-controlled) peacemakers, patient, endured trials in life, and the like. These are things that money can’t buy. It is a character thing. These traits are a sign that there is more in you than what the world can put in. It’s a sign that you are blessed because the Lord is working in you.  Whatever your circumstances are you can able to function and even thrive because you are in Jesus’s hands. 

My prayer for our nation, for the US is that we don’t try an easy fix in these times. Yes, we have been given much but what are we doing with it? How will it make a difference eternally? Do we see that we are a munitions depot in a spiritual war? What are we doing to send people into their eternal destiny using the things in our hands? I think once we get the heart and motives right then we will see what being blessed really looks like. 

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