Bored with the Lord?

By G.P. Avants 

“So in Christ all will be made alive.”

                        1 Corinthians 15:22

            I walk into church on a typical Sunday morning. In the back rows sit a few teens and pre-teen recline. I tell them good morning and they don’t look too excited to be there. Probably, Mom and Dad strongly motivated them to be there. For the most part if they had a choice they’d be in bed asleep. (So in actuality their lack of perkiness might be because there is a lack of sleep as well.)

            What really scares me is the lack of general regard for the things of the Lord. I know there are the typical teen angsts but, its more than that. There is boredom with the things of the Lord. Is it not entertaining enough? Is it like being in school with someone talking to you and you having to listen?

            Whatever the case may be, something has to change. They say you can gear the health of a church by the spark in their young people. I see an excitement in the adults and small children but, the teens, I don’t know. Should I be concerned? Now I know that many people of all ages are bored with the things of God. Sunday morning is a routine that is getting easier and easier to ignore. Maybe they are missing the point or for that matter the bigger picture. 

            Sunday morning shouldn’t be the only time in the week to get a “God Fix”. A relationship is healthier when you talk every day, when you spend time together on a regular basis. That’s when things begin to happen. I remember a pastor friend of mine saying that you should already be with the Lord before you even get to church on Sunday. You’ve already gotten warmed up and ready to worship, listen, and get some direction.

            Also, if you are listening to the Lord, then you’re going to hear something more in the pastor’s sermon. You hear the Lord speaking to you specifically. The Lord knows what your week has been like. He knows what you need to hear, and He speaks though the entire service. God also knows what the next week is going to bring. It may be that He is prepping you for what’s ahead. 

            There is nothing wrong with socializing with friends and family. During the service though it’s a time to seek and honor the Lord. Your soul needs this as well as your body. The socializing and encouragement time is afterwards. Don’t be in rush to go home, spend some time then. When it gets mixed up then yes, we might get a skewed view of what it’s meant to be.

            By the way, a church is people not a building. Your life is out there seven days a week. We come together to get some nourishment, reviving, reminders, and renewals. Then we can go live what we learned and apply it to our world. That’s where our believe has feet and teeth. Otherwise, it’s pretty pointless to hear it and walk away.

            Bored? So, maybe talk to the Lord about it. He will open your eyes and ears, fire up your Spirit, and make Sunday morning what it was intended to be. Can I offer one more personal advice? Get a good night sleep and a good breakfast. If you’re running late or misplace your keys, don’t let it eat at you. At least you live in a free country where you can worship openly. We never make it on time but, I am happy to get to go to church period, no matter when I get there. If we make that extra effort to get a little more out of our Sunday sermons the reward is extensive. We can put a nail in that boredom.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope we haven’t bored you. Please check out the projects that my team and I are working on. Hope to see you again soon.

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  1. I read this post and was surprised that the boredom I often see in my locality, seems to be a universal thing: it seems to be everywhere… as you’ve seen it in your locality, so does can it be seen in bits, here and there in mine, and likely in many other places around the world… in fact, even where people show off by seeming to be enthusiastic outwardly, they are likely not as enthusiastic inwardly, but GOD sees everything… I don’t know whether people are tired or bored of GOD because of their challenges, unanswered or yet-to-be answered prayers, or maybe as a result of their fondness of GOD—I don’t know… whatever the reason is, it is worrying… I don’t think heaven will have a soul in it that won’t be overly enthusiastic about our awesome GOD…I agree with you that whatever the case may be, something has to change, as regards to this boredom that lingers in people… I don’t know specifically what the church or spiritual leaders have to do to change the mindset of people who are bored or not so enthusiastic about GOD…as for some of the teenagers, I don’t know what to say is the reason for their boredom… as for some of the adults, sometimes I feel that maybe, amongst other reasons, their earthly expectations from GOD is too high, and to such an extent that when things don’t go their way, they lose joy in the things and presence of GOD…this topic of boredom is one that I could keep on talking about without end, but I will stop here… somethings need to be changed so that one spirit of joy and enthusiasm will equally dwell in all the hearts of worshippers who assemble in the presence of GOD for worship

    1. And that is one reason I feel the Lord is letting His children go through these times. One is the mature them and their faith. Second to draw them back or beginning a real love relationship with the Lord.

      1. I see alot of Truth in the comment you just made: the reason: to enhance maturity and closeness to GOD… the Lord has good reasons for everything

      2. He is not slack in His promises, but wants all men to come to salvation. That is why the Lord has given His children the Holy Spirit so we can endure the heat as it flame gets hotter.

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