Bottoms Up

By G. P. Avants 

(From the parable of The Prodigal Son   Luke 15:11-32)

“Give me, Give me!”Said the son.

“It’s time for me to cut and run!”

The father sighed, for this one he tried,

To bring him close, it made him cry.

However, this was for learning

The son had denied.


The son exclaimed! “Bottoms up. I’ll 

Drain it all dry.”  

“I’ve got it all and then some to boot.”

The boy danced a jig, his own 

Horn he had to toot.

On anything his heart desired,

He spent his dough 

Like it was on fire.

“Bottoms up, it’ll never end.

Get what I can and spend, spend, spend.”

Little did he know the bottom 

Drew nigher.

Before he knew it,

The world turned over. 

His money was gone:

How would he recover?

Still trying to do it alone,

He sank like the proverbial stone,

His emptiness no longer would

Be under covered.

“I was empty long before I was broke,”

The son’s words bit and made him choke.

“Father tried to tell me so,

Back at home so long ago.

I treated His wisdom

Like a joke.”

Looking up from the bottom

He saw the truth:

He was emptier than a bottle

He intended to coddle,

Nursing a heart that

Was aching and bruised.

When he did come home

He was not the same guy.

Face down, bottom up

Humble and broken

Weaken, yet tried.

All the rest of his life

I think he remembered

“Bottoms up.” was a term

That means something 

Much dearer. 

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