By G.P. Avants

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good”

                                                   Romans 12:21

Welcome to a new year and I hope a new chapter in your life. No one can deny that things are changing in the world. You can see it in every aspect of life. I guess the question is how to do we face the unprecedented unknown? Will we overcome our circumstances or will they overcome us?

This is the first entry in a blog series called, Overcome. We always have a choice how we face this life. As I have heard it said, life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you respond to things you face. I want to propose that if you have faith in God and trust Him at his word,  we are already overcomers in this life. Jesus told us not to give into fear for He already overcame everything that would take you down for the count and put you out of the race. Rather function in a daily faith that He has way for you when their seems no way out. 

Since this is the first post let’s check out a few fun numbers. Ironically as a creative I actually love word plays and that spills over into numbers. Are you familiar with palindrones? They are word or phrases that are spelled the same forward and backwards like mom, dad, bob or Do geese see God? Check it out, we started this year with the date 1-2-21 and we will end the year with another 12/21 on the flipside.  The Biblical number 12 has some very powerful concepts attached to it. Twelve represents authority and perfection. It does represent the church and faith in gneral. The number is a symbol of Divine rule and a perfect government. 

Add our verse from Romans 12:21 and you have some really cool number flipping going on. Maybe it’s just me, but I see palindromes as an object lesson or a visual reminder that life can make a turn around, usually when you least expect it. Do you see what I mean? Who knows what this year will hold, but we can be assured who holds our times in His hands. 

Romans 12:21 has oddly been an life verse for me for many years. I have seen a lot of hardness, sadness, and difficult days during my stay on Earth. What gives me comfort is that even though things appear a certain way to human eyes, they can often mean something else from God’s perspective. That involves trusting Him, His Word, and promises, instead of the messages a fallen world spits out. It means waiting for answers from God before I act in a knee jerk, snap decision and regret my choices I might make. I see it as waiting for the other shoe to drop, in a good way. Something happens, but I stop and see what good the Lord bringsfrom it. When evil wants me to function by their rules, I can overcome by remaining true to the foundational truths that the Lord laid down for us. 

To me these mean you can always turn things around. If you are not feeling much like an overcomer that’s okay. It’s not too late to make better decisions. That’s what the whole walk of faith in Christ is about. You have challenges, doubts and fears, we all do. But the question is do you want to hold on to them and let them define who you are? Or do you ler Christ  the fair companion will walk with you and help you live a life that pleases God? Maybe life has beat you up, stolen your joy, taken everything from you, or left you wanting to just end it all. You don’t have to let this messed up world overcome and overwhelm you. There is a life that God intended for you that is something so powerful that nothing in this world can destroy. In truth you become the overcomer and the light in a world that is growing darker each day. 

Who will overcome in your life? 

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