By G.P. Avants 

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

Romans 12:21

Our world has done a flip backword. This is not how God intended it to be, but He said in the end times, evil would be called good, and good evil. With everything we see around us does it surprise us that we live here? Jesus said this would happen and he said anyone who tries to do what the Bible says and believe in Him, they would be open enemies of the world.

This is the second post in the Overcome series. With a new year comes challenges that if we face them will change us. We can be overcomers and find a life that God intended or let the circumstances we face flip us over and have their way with us. We are facing a spiritual battle and like preparing for any conflict there are rules of engagement to be understood. 

So one thing before going into a spiritual battle, for this is what we are really in, is to know the conditions of our battlefield. As with any conflict, one must know what one is facing before engaging. Let’s look at a list of things that I have observed in the Backwurld landscape. 

*Many older people are  living longer, while children and young people are living shorter lives. 

*Religion is hated but Immorality is loved. 

*Family is feared and forsaken yet, independence and freedom of self is celebrated.

*There is a mass deception that is anti-men and women based solely on their skin color, however, character is all but ignored. 

*The church is not relevant or essential. What is essential is pot shops, porn, and casinos. 

*Self is God. Money is God. OMG. But many claim there is no God in Heaven. 

*Power is in the hands of the immature, trendy, and popular people. It is taken away from the wiser more mature people because they had their day and its time for a change. 

*Being drugged up, sexed up, and partied up, trumps ordinary people just trying to do the best they can with what they have. 

The list can go on, but you get the point. We are a mess at best. However, let’s see it for what it is, a missionfield. And see us as God’s children for who we are, missionaries in a foreign land. If you have been saved from your sin and your old life, you know that nothing in this world will every truly satisfy like the Lord does. So, we can pray that those who call Backwurld home will come to a place where they see their need. Their hearts long for something lasting, more real, and will truly make their lives whole. 

Before you feel like things have gotten so hopeless that no one will care to listen to the Gospel, think again. Here’s something to consider in this wild world. Even though the poles have flipped. God remains the point where everything still is centered. He hasn’t changed and neither has his plans to redeem all those who come to him. So that means that our marching orders haven’t changed either. Will things be tougher and will our faith be challenged? Yes. 

But ask anyone in the world that have had to overcome the world around them in faith. That deeper walk with God comes from it and with it maybe someone in the mixed up, upside down Backwurld will someday see the light. 

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