Part & Parcel, Perfectly Portioned

By G. P. Avants

You can only tell when something is out of balance easily when you’ve experience that state of equalibrium in the first place. Everything in life is designed to have just the right give and take, up and down, sweet, sour, you know that sweet spot some say. Ask me about my dad’s infamous meatloaf sometime if you want to know why God never encouraged substitutes for the real thing.

We are in the third entry in the Overcome series. In our changing times people of faith in Christ, must consider how they will face the days ahead. Will they be the overcomers who take Christ’s promises at His word, or will they be overcome by the worry, stress, doubt, and fear that has thrown so many off center.?

As I was thinking about our nation feeling divided over so many issues, I thought about where the solution lies. It’s not found in any man-made institution or dreams of a perfect utopian society. It’s actually something God instituted: His body on Earth, the church. Because the body has so many different parts, across nations, cultures, races, economic and political arenas, it can work through the Holy Spirit to be the glue of any society. It is the church’s job to be active in the faith in all areas of life. When the Lord mentioned healing a nation in the midst of their woa, it as dependant if the church had a change in heart. 

So I have been praying for believers on both sides of this conflict. There are believers in every politcal party, with different opinions about how to resolve the myriad of issues that plague mankind. Are these two opposing forces or two sides of the same coin? We are to help the lost, broken and hurting, while helping them to be able to stand, but the grace of God on their own. We have wealth to manage wisely both at home and abroad. Life is precious at every stage of life. The real issue people have is not to be a better person or to have a position of power, but to see their needs are met at the foot of the cross where all men and women, of every race, religion, culture are equals. Our nation is great not because of our own efforts, but because we saw that our freedom is what God gave us freely from the foundation of the world before any nation ever existed. 

Any nation made by man has issues, but when we let the Lord be the pivot on which we balance all we do, you could say he is our everything, our part and parcel, perfectly proportioned. If we see that by allowing unity to start with Christ’s bride, it will start something that will radically change our nation’s direction. Real unity is coming when Christ’s body, His bride live out the Good News of the Gospel in the real issues of life. 

The key is to remember is God holds everything in perfect balance when the world bounces back-and-forth. Think of Jesus distributing out grace and truth in the right proportions when you read this poem. 


Fully embracing



Breaker of fallen men

Maker of new and inproved people.

Greater than humanism’s virrrtues

Will appear foolish to win 

The world’s heart

One lost soul at a time.

Secure in truths of the past

Active in the present moments

Certain of the hope ahead.

Sets the pace

Sets the path set  before

Runs alongside the traveler

Encourages  the fallen behind

Stronger than the raging tyrants

Tender as the tears of the oppressed.

Just enough sweetness,

Know bitter can make one better

Salty to perfection.

Heating, cleansing, purifying  caliente! 

Healthy sour like the probotic of the soul.

Has teeth 

But knows when to smile

Gives healthy boundaries

With right & wrong

But offers freedom

To be as original and unique 

As God intended.

Knows how to shatter us to pieces

In order to assemble something

Better than the original 

Sum of our parts.

Think about that as you watch our nation divide. Wil you draw closer to the center of God’s will or stay on your side of the dividing line? A great revival is coming and amazing things are going to happen. Let’s get centered and ready together. 

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