Who will go for US?

By G.P. Avants

I think it was almost two years ago that I attended the California Renewal Project. It was a charge for believers to make their impact in at least one of the seven mountains of influence.

What are those? They are all the areas that affect our society and everyone has at least one of these circles of influence they are called to do:







Arts & Entertainment

After attending that event I feel like Education, Media, Arts & Entertainment mountains of influence are where the Lord has called me to serve. 

This is the eleventh entry in out Overcome Series. If you have been sitting on the sidelines and wanting to know how to get into the game? How many believers are watching life change before them and feeling like their side is being overcome? However when believers put their faith, hope and love in action in every field of life, wins, and losses, they become more than overcomers in Christ. 

Here is the scoop that might be hard to swallow. Many believers sit in the sidelines even though they know what the Lord has called them to do. No we aren’t called to be involved in politics or have an online platform. But we all have a people in our lives or in our particular sphere of influences,  who need to hear and see the Gospel in action. What were Jesus marching order to His church? Take the Gospel into the world? Why are more believers happy not vote, not speak, not share, or even just living their life in faith? If things are going to change in people it has to be the church. No one else in this world has this Divine calling in their lives. 

When I got to hear Charlie Kirk, Rob Mc Coy, Dennis Prager and a host of awesome leaders I knew where I was meant to be an impact. I wish more people were able attend awesome events like these. I will share with you one wonderful speaker that might stir the embers of your hear. I want to use the words of Bishop E. W Jackson from Virginia who says, “Fight good fight! He asked us to remember what state Isreal was in when young Isaiah heard the voice of the Lord say, “Who will go for us.” 

The Bishop refreshed our thoughts that God spoke this when the world is in disarray in at odds, but His intent was to made all men from one. We are not here by accident for such a time as this. We are stewards of God in our nation. There are people pleading for our nation. There is reparing, rebuilding, and restoration going on even as we speak. 

Are we a part of this even in our own homes?

Bishop Jackson reminded us that our biggest social problem is a broken family. Upon that family structure is a nation like the US built. God, like his word is true and can be trusted, always.It seems like everyone has been battling with what is right, wrong, up and down, and of what God set down still is a foundation to build upon. These are questions everyone has outside and sadly inside the church body. 

He also hit us with these staggering facts: 

*There are 20 Million Evangelicals who don’t vote. 

*In 75 of the 80 districts in CA, 80% believers voted our state would change. 

*Believers don’t vote. Why? 

*Most political races are only lost by 200 votes.

*AB1921. We have freedoms why don’t we use them. 

I have heard it say the some believers just think the world is going to hell so why even try? “What can one person do?”  “Jesus is coming back soon so what is the use of trying to change what is meant to happen?”

Yes, it’s true that we are saved and have hope beyond all of the madness in this word. The Lord is coming back for his Children, sin will be punished, and Jesus will set up an everlasting Kingdom. We have been given His holy Spirit and can’t loose a life that we already surrendered to the Lord. Doesn’t that mean that believers can do what Jim Elliot stated, “He is no fool that gives up what he can’t keep for that which he can’t loose?” 

What are we sitting pretty for? We should be the ones to risk it all to see one soul lost. Jesus did not call us to be comfortable but ready to share the Gospel in season and out. Just because the world has gone made, God’s plans for us haven’t changed. He is the sanity in the chaos around us. It’s true that the world and all that is in it will perish. However, what will last it the eternal souls of people. That is the treasure in Heaven that the Lord said we should now invest. 

No matter what the one world utopia propomants proclaim, only God can do His job to create a wonderful perfect world. We are only united when we built this nation on God’s truths. Believers are united and are people of every color of the societal rainbow. One body in Christ one is easy when He is present.  America needs a united church and that is the way things will change. “Its not the skin that divides us, “Bishop Jacksonsaid. “it’s the sin”.  People need to see Jesus love in truth, His truth spoken honesty, seeking His wholeness wholeheartedly in order to share generousl , and love like there is no tomorrow. 

Are you willing to climb your mountain of influence and see what God has waiting for you to do? 

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