Get Smart and Balance Chaos & Control

By G.P. Avants

“Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil wih good.”

  Romans 12:21

Our nation has been through many great changes and upheavals in its two-hunded plus history. There has been a Revoltionary War, a Civil War, A Cold War, numerous cultural wars, and more trials meant to bring us to our knees. We have enemies that know that freedom, faith and family are a foundation they feel frightened by and must try and oppose.

I hope that you will indulge me for a minute as I look at a fictional twist on two polorized forces, look at it as a Pop Cutlure alegory. In the 1965 there was a comedy show called, Get Smart. It was set during the Cold War where the US, Russia and other countries fought each other with ideology, threats of Nuclear War, and general angest over cutural differences. In the TV show Agent 86, Maxwell Smart, worked first hand with C.O.N.T.R.O.L. and organization that upheld the values of the US and all free nations. Of course their nemesis were agents from C.H.A.O.S. Amidst the commercial jabs and action packed spy agent themes, Smart often had a perspective on both sides that I think fits well with this theme. He had the perspective that both sides needed to find ways to work out their differences and bring a little more sanity to the world around them. Maybe he was suggesting that there is a way to find common ground that both sides could agree worked best for their competing nations? 

“Would you believe it’s possible, Chief?” 

I think for this post in the Overcome Series, number twelve, I believe, we are going to do a little jumping through time as it were. We have a rich history of people who have lived out their faith in times and with people who werr dymetricall opposed to each other. But by God’s grace they were not overcome by the evil in the world, but like the verse says, they overcome evil with good. 

What does that look like in today’s world? 

Can we look at our Founding Fathers for a moment? Now we have heard the stories about many of them being God-fearing men, which is true, But all of them were not, but at least they saw the need for a free country that they and their families could live in. They had all seen the chaos in the world and they longed for a heathy control on managing a better form of government. My point is that they brought their differing viewpoints to the table and hashed it out. This was a long process, over a period of months, but they finally drafted the Consitution of the US. Below is the Preamble to the Constitution which will be our guide through what we hope will be a start to something new. 

We the people, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice and insure domestic tranqulity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, secure the blessings of liberty, for ourselves and our posterity, to ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America. 

So, here is where this is going.

Our nation was founded on the proposition that all men (mankind) is created equally and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What we need is what our diverse nation has always been built on, E- Pluribus- Unim: one out of many. Unity. We wanted to share some ideas that build upon the idea that we when opposite views and opinions find common ground, that they can achieve unity. 

So we broke down each one of the parts of the preamble to help focus on a few areas that our divisive issues might find a more peaceful solution. 

We the people in order to form a more perfect union. 

Lets talk about the idea of governance.That is the ability to abide by rules that everyone agrees is good for most people. One thing that we should do is not to cling to issues that polorize different groups and find broad and simple ideas that do. Do most people want a healthy happy family, safe places to live, and practice their faith? I think so. As believers we know that getting people to God is number one. When anything complicates or hinders that from happening, it might be an issue that we don’t want to get tangled up into. I believe our founding fathers made a broad net of government when they said they sought life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

Establish Justice, ensure domestic tranquility 

Justice is something we have heard as a rallying cry this past year. It seems as though many people forgot that America is a melting pot of so many cultures with one idea: To be one nation under God. The beauty of having different cultures is how a nation can be enriched by all the infusion of different people. That is also the challenge when everyone wants to mold the US into their image. That is why we ended up using race and culture to divide and separate us. I think we forgot this nation is not about us, as much as it about an idea that all men and women are created equal and endowed with their creator with certain unalienble rights. These are rights to unify us not alienate us from each other. My dad will often ask this question of people of different cultural persuasion. “How many races are there?” He smiles when the person gets it, holds up a finger and says, “One.” 

Provide for the comon defense

We need our police, firemen, miliary and all other people in security. Just like any profession, there are people who screw up or join a career without the right intentions. But that is not most of them. That is a few people caught in a moment that sadly defines and vilifies everyone in that profession. Do we remember just a few years ago, that shade has been cast on anyone in a position of authority, like teachers, preachers, dads and moms. So it is any wonder that everyone who abides by law and order are being called into question? But think about this, God puts people in positions of power because He knows all to well what a fallen world is like. God loves order, the enemy relishes in chaos. Who’s will do you want to see come to pass? 

Promote the general welfare

Our nation needs businesses to stay open and to keep doing what they do. Did you know that it’s the mom and pop small businesses not the giant corporations that are the backbone of our nation? You can see that in fact that most of the US is made up of small towns, and few large cities. While big cities and big business has it’s place, they will always be around. However, keeping the everyday people working. 

On that note It’s great to give people an hand out, as long as we help them get a leg up as well. There are so many people who have ability but have lost their way to disability. A great goal is to get people independent and off welfare. There is a great freedom of working with your own hands, using your gifts and talents, and improving ones healthy self-worth. Think about how far that would go to get more people working and adding the every element of life in America. That’s just good business on so many levels. 

For our lives lifes and our posterity

I never knew that posterity meant those who come after us. Are we thinking about that when we make any decision? When we do then a great sense of social connective tissues are being built. We were passed on from those before us, a great nation like no other on Earth. If we want it to still be here for the next generation, we have to really get our eyes of ourselves. That means that more believers need to vote. They need to get into life and the every places where hurting people are living. That’s not too far, just look across the street or at the coworker sitting in the adjacent cubicle. You, Christian are charged with being salt and light in the particular circle of influence God has place you within. 

Do you know who is watching everything you do? No, not them, I mean your children. They are watching you live out your faith or lack of it. We can tell them what the Bible says, we can pray when they go to bed, and talk about Godly things, but they watch to see if you really believe what you say. Does your faith affect every aspect of your life? They really want to know before thet take those steps themselves. Will you pass on your living faith to your children so they will keep that light alive when all others go out? 

Future planning, education 

To Ordain & Establish this Constitution for the United States of America

When our founding fathers set up this nation, they took a huge gamble. They wagered  their lives and their fortunes on the proposition that people had the God-given rights worth living and dying for. We put these men and women who came before us on pedestals. Should we give them a place of honor? Of course. But we should also remember they were flesh and bloood like us. Have you, as a sinful person saved by grace never made a mistake or caused issues around you? So, getting rid of the past just because people had issues you don’t agree with seems pretty unfair and unrealistic. 

Why do we learn history anyway? Isn’t it to learn from the past, follow the good examples and if possible learn NOT to repeat the same mistakes they made. By erasing or cancelling people we don’t agree with takes the cautionary tale of them and…puts it on ourselves. I don’t know if that’s the best idea unless you want people who follow after you to learn from your mistakes. 

I hope that this piece is read from believers on both sides of the political coin. The truth is the Lord has all kinds of children from all walks of life. Maybe when people of opposing views find common ground it will become an eye-opening experience for those looking in from the outside. We, as American believers could very well be seeing the beginnings of an another great awakening in out nation. It might be the next step you take, with the Lord’s guidance, that show our nation what one nation under God looks like? 

How do you see the Lord balancing out the chaos and control around you?

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  1. It breaks my heart to see self-serving decisions and divisiveness tearing our country apart as well as hear the lies that further the damage. I pray those lies are exposed and truth revealed. Thank you, Gary, for drawing attention to what should bring us together, to work for the common good of all Americans, as expressed in the Preamble to the Constitution.

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