Checkmate or Helpmate?

By G.P. Avants

“Then God made a woman from the rib He had taken out of the man,

and He brought her to the man.”

Genesis 2: 22

“Your move.”


“Did you hear me?”

“I said, HMMMMMM.”

“Oh, any day now.”

“You aren’t helping me.”

“That isn’t the point of chess, is it?”

“Not helping, but winning?”

“Is that what we are talking about?”

“What? Are you trying to distract me?”

“No, I just thought this was a good idea to do something together.”

“This was a good idea. Thank you for asking me. Even though it takes me a little

longer to…”

“That’s a good move.”

“I haven’t done anything yet.”

“No, but know what you are thinking.”


“That’s what a helpmate is for.”

“Don’t you mean checkmate?”

“I’m talking about a different game.”

“You’re still trying to distract me, aren’t you?”

“No, I really am glad that God put us together. We need each other.”

“Even when I feel like I am clueless?”


“Or I get so competitive?”

“Uh, huh. Someone has to balance you out.”

“You too.”

“Really, that’s sweet.”

“I am so glad you’re good with our finances and being wise with your time.”


“However, back to the game at hand.”

“Ah, that is a good move.”


“Check mate.”

“Right. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Thanks for the help.”

“Should I say helpmate?”

“Sure, why not. I’d rather win in that game anyway.”

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1 Comment

  1. I love this – love and competitive nature. It reminds me of the first time I played Scrabble with my husband. It was an irritating game because he kept blocking everywhere I wanted to put a word.
    Me: (putting down a word) “HATED”. As in “I hated playing Scrabble with you”
    Husband: Are proper nouns allowed?
    Me: No. It’s against the rules.
    Husband: Please? You’ll appreciate this one.
    Me (grudgingly): Ok fine
    Husband: *spells out my name with his rack*
    Me: Ok, I forgive you

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