Branded as a Friend

By G.P. Avants 

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

                          Proverbs 27:17

            We are at the beach and my daughter asks me again, how I got my scar on my side. So, I told her the story again.

            I had my appendix removed when I was fifteen, that was the first scar. It had gone gangrene and the doctors said (to my dad of course) that I shouldn’t have lived. It was a reminder to me that I wasn’t ready to meet the Lord. That’s another story.

            My second scar came because something fell through and stayed after the appendix was removed. The second operation was worse than the first. 

            What’s weird is the two scars make a spear head and its shaft. I bear that on my side to this day. My name has a few meanings, Mighty spear, loyal friend, and battle warrior. Those are some big meanings to fit into.

            Over they years I have learned what it is to make a friend and be a friend. It’s an ongoing lesson that I am still learning.

            Friends have to be kind and patient. They have to be flexible and understanding. Friendships don’t have to die but they do change over time. Like any relationship you have to work at friendships, or they fade. 

            Because it’s hard to make friends sometimes I have to not force a friendship. They spring from different reasons and have different degrees of depth. You won’t be best friends with everyone but, you should at least try to be kind to everyone. Distance and time are challenging to friendships, but they don’t have to kill them. 

            When it comes to friendship, I try to treat them way I want to be treated. I try and call certain friends every week to talk and pray. They thank me later for the time and it helps to keep us connected. Sometimes we don’t have a lot to say, but just knowing someone is thinking about you really lifts you up. I think one of the greatest compliments someone can say is that we are friends. 

            As my daughter pokes my scar, I am reminded that this is my fate. I am a friend. That’s not always an easy job. It takes a lot to have a friend. You have to keep in touch, pray for them, and spend time with them. Either of you might be going through tough times and needs some extra help. This is on top of everything else in your life.

            However, what would life be without a friend or two? We do need each other. God designed us for that. I thank the Lord for good friends and to help me to treat them with the love a respect they show me. 

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  1. Wow. That’s pretty amazing that your scar symbolizes your name. And though I’m sorry for the pain you endured, to wear the Sword of the Spirit on your side must surely make you smile–now!

  2. Yes, Nancy. I think things stay with us during our lifetimes not to haunt us, but to always remind us of where God has taken us.

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