Breaking Up is (sometimes) Good to Do

By G.P. Avants 

“The desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.”

Proverbs 13:4


  My mom just shakes her head as I finish my third serving at a Thanksgiving dinner. I’m in my early twenties and can pack away the food. She doesn’t know where it goes because I’m still so slim.

            “One day your metabolism is going to slow down, and you won’t be eating like this.”

            “Sure, Mom, whatever you say,” I say as I pack another piece of pumpkin pie away.


Flash forward twenty some years. I am sitting with my wife in a restaurant. Things are a little tight and we decide to split a meal. Years ago, I would have laughed at eating so little. However, I don’t need to be stuffed to be satisfied.

            We begin breaking up meals and you know we both walk away satisfied most of the time. I find my attitude toward food changing. I love it but, it doesn’t hold the sway it used to. Even though I never put on lots of weight, I had issues with overeating. Could I be a glutton, sure, probably? Mom would always tell my brothers and me that our eyes were bigger than out stomachs.

            I know that we Americans, as a nation, do battle with our weight. We have so much and so many choices that it can become an obsession. Sometimes having fewer choices at one time can keep one from overindulging.

            Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy food. It’s just that I don’t want it to control me in ways so many other things want to. What we put in and how much at one time, does affect us. We all know that. We set the pattern for our life as children. Can you see why they have been calling it an obesity epidemic? Our kids are developing life-long habits with food that may just shorten their lives.

            I want to be a better example without going to extremes. I think Mom, again, was right when she said, “eat until you’re satisfied not until you’re stuffed”. Try to make better choices, try a good variety and you don’t always have to have a desert. Don’t starve yourself or skip a meal. That too will affect you in a negative way. 

            I think eating less has helped me to stay slim and not get bogged down. I find that if I slow down and enjoy the tastes, I get more out of it. I can enjoy the company around me because I’m not in a rush to woof it all down. A meal can be a pleasurable experience when my attitude about food is a little more balance. You might find you will get more out of your meals when less if involved. May this breaking up be something to chew and digest on for a while. 

Bon Appetite.

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  1. Health concerns keep me eating healthy most of the time. And for the most part, I don’t mind. I feel so much better–energized even without the simple carbs, fats, sugar, and salt in my diet. If I didn’t have to watch what I eat, there’d surely be more pounds on this body to carry around!

    1. Hi Nancy,

      The way we eat does change as we age. My grandpa was all about food as medicine too. All sorts of great ideas out there.

      In Christ,


      On Thu, Jun 3, 2021 at 2:40 PM Be Encouraged by G.P. Avants wrote:


  2. I would be reading this just after I ordered two huge pizzas for a family birthday party! Actually, with 7 adults and 10 grandkids, it may not be enough!

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