*Bug Butter

           By G.P. Avants 

“Better a little with righteousness than much gain with injustice.”

                            Proverbs 16:8

         Recently I went to a wonderful wedding.  Two very special people tied the knot and they had a very memorable wedding. Something small but memorable stuck with me from the reception. It sounded like a good object lesson in the making.

            The reception was held outdoors under a cavernous outdoor canopy. The food was wonderful, really wonderful but, something tried to taint the spread.       And I do mean the spread literally.  Because there was open air on our side of the canopy, and we had tiny little visitors invade our meal. Forget the idea of aliens interrupting our meal because I was talking about gnats landing in our butter.   

            They landed in our butter and decided to help themselves.  Now we had a choice to either pass on the butter and choke down our dry bread or pick off our little buddies and salvage the butter. Since I have lived overseas and it didn’t bother me as much, I picked them out with my knife and proceeded to get some butter.

            I know, get on with the point because I’m making you hungry, right.  Well, you know it’s our tendency to throw out things in our lives or people in our lives who have “little bugs” about them.  We all have them and it’s easier to ignore the problem then to carefully pick them out and get rid of them.

            Maybe you are on the outside looking at a friend who has a “bug” of sorts.  At times it’s easier to ignore a problem that we really need to face. We usually won’t because we don’t want to appear to be a judge to others.  However, if we ever want to be real with people, we have to be open for doing some gentle “bug hunting”.  Because, remember if one bug shows up he’s not alone.  He’ll tell two friends and those will tell two friends and well…you know how the commercial goes.  

            Remember God doesn’t throw us out when bugs appear on our soft buttery surfaces. He knows how precious and unique our lives are. He assists us in picking out the little monsters from our lives.  Sometimes He uses others to point out our buggies and it’s done in love.

 If you’re a bug picker or a bug pickee don’t have a melt down and loose heart. God will pick through and clean up our lives and spread it evenly over the Bread of Life that He uses to feed the hungry people who He’s calling to His wedding feast. 

*This was actually the story that got the whole idea going for Big Bang Bitty Box. So, I guess this really was the first story written. I just thought I’d put that bug in your ear.

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