Can I Try That?

By G.P. Avants

“But being examples to the flock.”

                                    1 Peter 5: 3

Cool stuff. I love to see people of different races doing something together.

Here’s an example. A young American girl befriends an Indian girl. She sees her friend do a traditional dance from her country. Her American counterpart is entranced. She asks her friend to teach her the dance. After some practice, both girls perform the dance for their families.

 For me that’s a taste of Heaven when people learn from each other’s unique traditions. I can see people sharing things that they grown up to people outside of the culture. It connects them on a whole new level

Okay, this might sound a little hokey but, it’s kind of like the end of It’s a Small World ride. The different cultures have mixed up their colors, culture, and music. In Heaven this will be a reality far better than any multicultural program that we can come up with. There, people not only get along, they are a true family richer for their distinction and diversity.

In these days people are dividing themselves and finding ways to separate. The Kingdom of God works to remedy that. God’s heart is to see those things that divide pass and the things that unite grow stronger. The happiest place on Earth won’t have an admission fee, its already been paid in full, and it’s a real place with real people, no animatronics or fake backdrops. The songs that everyone of every language will sing, well the hits just keep coming. Maybe getting hope for that future gives us faith today to step across dividing lines.

Can you try that?

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  1. interesting post, G. P. : while the earth is striving towards diversity, the kingdom of God in heaven will be all about unity. I often think about it almost all the time and wonder how unified souls are over there in heaven. I can’t wait to get into heaven

    1. Yes! We get to practice this now even more as the body of Christ. I love that unity always keeps Jesus in the center and our heart attitude pointing in the right direction.

      On Mon, Jul 5, 2021 at 5:20 AM Be Encouraged by G.P. Avants wrote:


    2. Unity is diversity working in harmony with each other. Like the New Heaven and Earth the nations will bring their gifts and wealth into the City of God.

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