Christian Culture Vs Western Culture

G.P. Avants

“Their land is full of silver and gold…their land is full of idols; they bow down to the work of their hands.”

Isaiah 2: 7-8

Again this is one of those thoughts that I pray for wisdom about. The Western world and its culture is unrivaled in the rest of the world. We have so much but, is that our claim to fame? Is there more?

Having so much doesn’t necessarily mean we are good managers of it. Like a steward each one of us is asked to manage what we have. It may not be as much as our neighbors but, that’s not the point. What has God blessed you with and how have you done for eternity with it? That’s a question I have to ask myself daily.It seems like, to me. that having so many things mean things that demand my attention. It may not seem like an issue until you feel that tugging at your heart. Is thiswhere my heart is? Is this what I live for?

I think I see why the Middle Eastern society has a hard time accepting the Western lifestyle. We do promote things that go against what God teaches. We do encourage things that get people off track. They see our TV shows and think that’s what we endorse. If I was a devout Muslim and thought all American’s thought this stuff was okay, I’d try to keep it away from my family too.

However, I am talking to fellow believers in our society. What are you doing with your wealth? Is it a competition to get all you can or is it a tool to reach the lost? Do you own your wealth or does it own you? Consider how you use what you use? Brothers and sisters please remember that we all battle with materialism. Our fellow believers in other nations are seriously concerned for us. They want us to be effective and faithful to the Lord. They pray that we won’t get so caught up in the world and forget why we are here.

I hope that it won’t come down to us having to choose between our wealth and the Lord. I pray that we will be wise with what we have and the Lord will guide our efforts. May you find peace of mind about being in our society. May you find how you can be an example to other Americans. We need to see how to take on this challenge and make it work.

See what we are doing to affect American Culture.


  1. It would seem our society has become drunk on prosperity and doesn’t even notice our demise may be imminent. With you I pray that we believers in Christ may live wisely, act judiciously, and speak boldly–all guided by the Holy Spirit.

  2. Our ‘success’ is usually defined by our profession and, in particular, salary (with employer benefits/perks).
    But the truly greatest and most progressive achievements throughout history had little or nothing to do with wealth or six/seven-figure salaries; rather, they came from a beautiful heart and/or mind (e.g. Jesus).

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