Cloning Christians

“I am Almighty God, walk before Me and be blameless”

Genesis 17: 1

By G.P. Avants 

         I’m sure along your journey as a movie watcher you have come across a movie that deals with cloning. Jurassic park did dino’s, Michael Keaton had so many copies of himself in Multiplicity it made his head spin. Even Arnold had his experience being a clone in more than one movie.

            It’s an interesting idea in movies but, quite a whole other thing in real life. It brings up more questions than answers. Would it be right to create another you? What kinds of rights would a clone have? Are they real people or just animals without a soul? 

            It can be a weird concept in our physical world but, it’s taking place as we speak in the world. Yes, people’s DNA are being re-ordered dramatically. When the entire process is complete, they will no longer be the people they once were. Instead, they are being designed into a clone of one very special person.

            Who is this person? I am glad you asked. He is the only person who had a good head on his shoulders. This person had it all together mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. He communed with men and God in the same breath. This man was the only perfect person that ever walked the face of this earth. 

            Now you tell me that if you could be a clone of this person you wouldn’t jump on that chance? Well, you have as must chance as having it happen as the next guy. Really, it’s a life-changing experience that you can experience right now.

            Let me tell you that it’s not an easy road. No, your old life of rebellion and isolation will be dried up. The hidden struggles that you have stuffed way down deep will be opened and removed. Your life situation may not change but, your entire perspective will be radically altered. You will see all the problems that you face to be part of a great purpose. Be prepared to lose the life that you held on to tightly. However, you will trade it for something lasting and real.

            Are you still interested? If you are you will see the DNA of Jesus Christ change who you are. It’s not a physical DNA but, a spiritual one. God is using the person of His only Son as the host. You are not being made into a new you but, into one of his sons bearing the likeness of Jesus. 

            Because it’s really Him you will be able to take on the struggles of this life just as He did. When He speaks of being able to walk a life of faith or following the beatitudes, he was speaking in His power and spirit. You will have His strength, His wisdom, and His spirit to be an overcomer in this life. You are not failing in your attempt to be like Jesus, He is working His strength through you to succeed. 

            If you are tired of facing this life alone maybe you hear Him calling you. You can experience this new life by asking Him in your heart. Ask Him to forgive your sin and let him take your life. If you have trusted Him but, feel overwhelmed maybe you’re holding out on Him.  It’s really a surrender not a negotiation. He wants all of you and nothing else. 

            When you give all of yourself to Him, He’ll do the same for you. Being a “clone” of Jesus Christ sounds funny on the outside yet, it’s really the only way to live in this world. He’ll ask you to die to yourself and that sounds painful. But He’ll raise your dead life into something you could never imagine or dream of. 

See what other creative things are being cloned by our team.

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  1. What a fun take on the transformation the Holy Spirit generates in our spirits. Well done, Gary! I for one am a happy clone-in-the-making of Jesus. I can’t imagine life without him!

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