The Inventor’s Song

           By G.P. Avants

 One of the fun things that I enjoy about writing is the chance to periodically dabble into poetry. Okay, yes, I have written a few in my time and actually it’s a very cathartic experience. Any way I thought why not add it to my book, Chronolocity: A Fistful of Chronotons? Needless to say my brother, the musician and I thought about a wild idea to create a musical companion to the story. This piece was the first to be recorded. It was a lot of fun getting to add another layer to the story through the audioscape. 

            The Inventor’s Song takes place in a flashback when Levy is mourning the loss of his invention, the Fizz-E-Drive. It was his ticket to fame and fortune to get his family from fading from the annals of history. While he fumes and muses, his dad, Nole Roarke sings an old family tune that Levy’s dad wrote to teach his son about some of favorite inventors and the struggles they faced themselves. 

            Here is the script we made from the scene in the story. If you like what you read listen to the Inventor’s Song below. 

              The Inventor’s Song

Dad: “Hey Levy, it looks like you’ve had one of THOSE days today.”

Levy: “Man, Dad, you have no idea.”

Dad: “Actually, I do. Remember that Inventor’s Song I wrote?”

Levy: “Ah, yes. Please don’t tell me you’re going to sing it now.”

Dad: “Sure, it’s the perfect time day like today.”

Levy: “Really? Now?”

Dad: “You loved that song.”

Levy: “When I was in like…third grade.”

Dad: “I think it’s a reminder to not stop dreaming, Son.”

Levy: “You’re going to start singing now aren’t you?”

Dad: “Uh-huh.”


Da Vinci wrote down his

Intricate plans, 

With ink and parchment 

Of dusty old tan.

A Renaissance man 

He was called by some; 

Inventor and painter for a time to come.

Newton’s color was 

A brilliant red

For the fruit that smacked him 

Upside his head.

It’s then he discovered


Below that grand old apple tree.

George Washington Carver

Was just nuts about his plan,

To crack the secrets 

Of brown peanut land.

We count more than 

Four hundred ways

He made use of that nut

In normal folk’s days.

Levy: “Dad, are you going to sing the entire song, now?”

Dad: “Uh-huh.”

Levy: (Sigh.)

Dad: “I was getting to your favorite inventor, Levy.”

Levy: “I figured that’s where you were going with this.”

Dad: “Right.”

Levy: “I bet you think I am going to sing with you?”

Dad: “He’s your hero.”

Levy: “I think you see the light.”

Dad & Levy:

Edison caused 

The world to see,

With the yellow bulb of 


How many times to make it right?

I’ve lost count but that man was bright.

Henry Ford built a factory

On four black tires 

For his Mo-del  T.

Because he built 

The motor car 

We can hit the roads

And travel far.

His friends were green

With jealousy

When Einstein discovered 


When E equals MC


They called him a genius

Even with crazy white hair.”

Levy: “Not all scientists have wild crazy hair.”

Dad: “No, just the really smart ones.”

Levy: “Uh-uh. Thanks.

Dad: “And the mad ones” (sinister Igor laugh)

Levy: “Dad? DAD!” (Dad still laughing)

Dad: “Son?”


Marconi first cranked up 

The radio tunes

With invisible music

Through the wild blue.

FM AM XM stations, 

Bring his waves

Across the nations.

Gold is the color

Just for me,

The inventor who is yet to be.

Give me some time,

Give me a chance,

And I too will shine

My work will dance.


Dad: “See, when you smile, the sun comes out.”

Levy: “Thanks, Dad.”

Dad: “Don’t loose your sense of humor, that will keep the mad scientist in you sane, trust me.”

Levy: “Okay, Dad. You’re going to do the robot, aren’t you? 

Dad: “Of course.” 

Levy: “Only my dad” 

Dad: “Son, this is our dance. Don’t tell me you’re too cool to do the robot with your dad.” 

We currently updating Chronolocity: The Clock Opera with even more music from the story. Stay tuned. 

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