By G.P. Avants 

“You purchased men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.”

                                                               Rev 3:11

            I know the verdict is still out about animals and their sense of color. Do they see in black and white? I don’t know but still, I am sure glad I am human.

            The range of colors that are in the world are amazing. I mean in Scotland I am sure they can boast about how many shades of green that reside upon their bountiful land. 

            There are shades of blue that can only be seen if you ascend into some of the highest places on Earth. Probably few human eyes have beheld the variegated hues of creatures far below the depths of the sea.

            Even stars are an amazing array of brilliance. Yellow, green. blue. red, and white are some of the rainbow of hues that grace the heavens that we know of. What else is out there?

            God loves color. He loves variety even within each shade. Take green (my favorite color) You can find pastel green, crystalline, pastel green, mint, sage green, celadon, lime, moss, jungle green, fern, pistachio, chartreuse, lemon grass, kiwi, emerald, leaf green, forest green, jade, hunter and bay leaf: that’s probably just scratching the surface.

            However, there is a color that the Lord loves and wants to include in His eternity. It’s a color that has fallen from grace. It has been tainted, abused, scarred and drained of its iridescence. It was from this handful of dirt, that He probably stared at for some time, that this pigment originated. He spoke all the rest of creation into existence from stars to starfish, but he formed this being.  In his own image he made this colorful creature and breathed His own spirit into it. 

            He had created man. In that one person was all the shades of humanity mingled together. The soil of this earth may be ignored by some but is precious to God. The Lord rejoices in all the colorations of skin and features of mankind. He longs to bring them all to Him.  They are never forced to call Him Father, that is always a choice. He, the keeper of life, the source of all color, watched His creation fall.

            A battle began and God saw colors begin to fade. Was it a case of good versus evil? Black and white became the battle fields. White is the colors reflecting as they should but, black absorbs all color and gives nothing back. (So, black in this analogy, does represent sin and how it selfishly takes life away from the other colors.)

            God sent his Son, the light of this world to redeem his race of colors. Just as the physical sun is the source of all light so the Son is the source of the light of men’s souls. The day He gave his life, the world lost all color. It grew black because Jesus took sin, that color of separation on himself. When He gave up His life that hold was broken. The colorful race of man was released from that bondage. They were free to be the untainted colors God made them to be. They were no longer selfishly and fearfully mingled with Satan’s rebellion but opened to God’s light. His light could now shine on them, and all would see the colors they were meant to be.

            What a wonderful thing to see people of all shades of skin living in peace. This is God’s will for man. It won’t happen by man’s will or a world government. Only when Jesus, the true King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s reigns, will all races live as one.

            But we can see a taste of that now. When God’s Spirit is in the hearts of men, they are family. It’s awesome to see a gathering of some many races praising God. All people call God their Father in the strength of His son.  We see a taste of Heaven now when we live in harmony with other brothers and sister.

            I encourage you to go attend a Harvest crusade, a large gathering of believers or another big event where many nationalities are attending. You will see people from many tongues and nations praising God. I think it will make you more aware of God’s color scheme.  You too will see that color is something God rejoices in.

            He has a fantastic way of showing off His creation though a variety of faces in so many places in this simple, yet colorful, world of ours. 

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